Satan 1, God 0

No one can explain why the floor collapsed? Why, it’s the work of Satan of course. What else could possibly have led to the floor giving way and injuring all those Christian teens in a sacred place of worship?

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    Apparently they didn’t consult their Bibles for how sturdy to make the floors.

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    Don’t piss off Thor, the one TRUE god.

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    It is part of the rapture, then God changed his mind and instead just injured a few sinners.

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    It’s never happened at a Black Sabbath gig.

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    I feel bad for the kids and injuries… but I’ll bet the attorneys that sue won’t be listing Satan as the negligent defendant. Can’t get damages from him.

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    I’m almost positive that I’ve read about stories like this where parishioners even died due to a freak accident/tornado or something in church. Then they have the balls to preach about how a day or two later saying it was actually a “miracle” that god protected those who were not hurt/killed. Almost makes me want to puke, except it’s not my problem anymore since I don’t believe in things that are so obviously counter-intuitive…

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    We all know that this thing called “Gravity” is only a theory, right?

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