A&E sucks monkey balls

I don’t watch cable television. It’s an expensive way to rot and deteriorate your mind, especially when shows like “Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal” make their way to the boobtube. The show is set to air on A&E, the same channel which has that awful “Paranormal State” show where morons run around pretending to be scientists while they attempt to scare the crap out of each other.

Speaking of Paranormal State, the main “psychic” on the show is the same latent gay dude who runs around supposedly haunted houses and says spooky things like “someone died in a lot of pain here”. It must take supernatural abilities to know something that amazing, am I right? As you can see from the above video, Chip Coffey is on a mission to “help” these kids deal with their “abilities”. And by helping,  I mean this fraudulent sack of shit is deliberately deceiving people for the purpose of making money (be sure to check out his website. It looks like the 90’s threw up all over it).

If these kids are genuinely hearing voices, the last thing you want is a psychic fraud convincing them the voices they hear are really dead people trying to talk to them. They either need therapy, medication, or maybe both. Instead of actually bothering to care about the well being of these children, A&E has decided this mess makes good television.

It looks like the Skepchicks are trying to start a letter writing campaign, but I don’t see how A&E would change their minds about catering to New Agers who desperately want this kind of fantasy to be real. You can try joining them if you like; I’m just one of those pessimists who realizes the only thing that matters to TV stations are ratings, not integrity. There was a time when specialty channels like A&E, TLC and the Discovery Channel used to try and provide some educational merit, but those efforts were abandoned when it was discovered that you can’t get good ratings that way. Turns out America is full of dummies who hate it when shows make them feel stupid. Keep it dumb, and then no one feels bad about themselves! How else can you explain this kind of garbage TV?

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    You have to remember that in America, delusionals make up a colossal television demographic.
    It’s very common for many cable channels which are supposedly geared toward education, and science to show absurd programming that has nothing to do with education, and everything to do with getting stupid people to watch.
    You can see things like “Mysteries of the Bible”, and “What Did Jesus Look Like” on channels like Discovery , The Science Channel, and The National Geographic Channel.
    On The History Channel you can see anything except history. Bigfoot, aliens and Jesus are favorites of these idiot demographics.

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    I checked out Coffey’s website and as expected, total bullshit. Although I did find one statement that I guarantee is 100% true. From the media blurbs – “every bit as accurate as John Edward” I can’t argue wuth that.

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    The girl in the show looked like she was a bit embarrassed! I would be.. but then for a start i would never go on such a pile of shit show.

    Anyone can learn how to do cold reading

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    J.N. Hudson

    I think some good could come of this glut of “Ghost Hunter” shows. It might possibly cause some less than skeptical people to realize, when episode after episode after episode fail to find fuck all in the way of ghosts, that these ghost hunter people are completely and totally full of shit.

    As far as A&E’s Paranormal State, and the far and away more deplorable Psychic Kids, they aren’t likely convincing anyone who isn’t already a “True Believer”. For a good example of the real harm of these shows is the Nov. 14th episode of Paranormal State where they “investigate” a woman’s claim that “demonic spirits” caused her sisters suicide. Instead of doing the responsible thing and referring the to grief counselers they instead procede to not only indulge, but to validate this family’s belief in boogeymen rather than reality.

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    Jesse D.

    When I first saw that “Paranormal State” show, I wanted to hit the one main guy in the face. (AND I AM NOT USUALLY A VIOLENT PERSON!)But I have a friend who knows someone who is a camera person for the show, I live in PA, and that camera person said a lot of the “Activity” the group gets in mostly edited together material to appear as authentic evidence. Now I know why I wanted to hit that guy whenever I saw him on TV…HE’S A FRAUD!!!

    Also, a little bit off topic here, but my girlfriend LOVES that show “Ghost Adventures” on Travel channel. All that ever happens on that show is they hear some voices on electric devices! WOW! AND THAT’S IT!!! Every once in awhile they see a shape, that’s REALLY hard to make out, move. Sometimes you have to wonder why people are so easily entertained.

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