If the Sistine Chapel was painted today

We need a higher resolution so we can make some posters out of this! I love it.

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    Niiiice. The simpler the better.

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    HaHa. Yeah. Athough Michelangelo may have already beat you to that thought. I recall reading somewhere that the reddish-pink shape that holds God & pals was meant to represent man’s brain. It does sort of have that shape it you look at the full canvas.

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    A source for a hi-res image? .. or the god-brain idea?

    I don’t remember where I first read it, but just doing a google search with “adam sistine brain” brought up dozens of links. Even the Wiki article on tha painting mentions it. BTW, Wiki probably has one of the better hi-res images you might find on the net (post-restoration, forget the pre- as its really a mess).

    Here’s a link. Just the first I could grab,I’m sure there are better.

    I think most who do think the brain image is real, think the artist’s meaning was god imparting intellegence onto man, and not that god & crew were figments of imagination housed in a hollowed out brain. 😉

    I was just trying to be funny with my original post.

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