Ron Babcock slams creationism

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    That was bloody brilliant

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    Would be interested to hear your take on this. I can’t tell whether this guy is having a legitimate deconversion or not.

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    i want one of those books now, its hilarious. real good sketch!

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    @ Brad
    That could be a publicity stunt they organized for the excitement of radio drama, although i cant tell for sure.

    I hope its for real, but if he’s looking hard for “god” and gets all this social pressure from people talking about their “experiences” then he may just trick himself into having one.

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    “I don’t believe in anything that negates fucking physics alright”

    That’s the best line.

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    He makes a good point and an entertaining rant but… the humor felt a little forced. Sorta like the christian comics.

    I think that when people such as Julia Sweeney or Ricky Gervais do a bit about there personal experience with religion it comes across funnier than when somebody talks about about it this way.

    To his credit, he did say that wasn’t going to try to be funny.

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    this is totally beside the point, and i’m almost ashamed to say this but here goes:

    That guy should really not be wearing a sweater that tight.

    but he’s funny so i’ll let it slide.

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    Jacob Fortin

    Jeff you vicious bitch.

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