Palestinian Authorities use Facebook to track down blasphemer

We often joke about the “big brotherism” of Facebook and other social media, but it’s no laughing matter when these websites are used to track down apostates of Islam whose only “crime” is speaking their damn minds. Walid Husayin, a 26 year old barber in the West Bank, has been arrested and faces life imprisonment for insulting Muhammad. His friends and family are shocked he led a double life online, where thanks to his percieved anonymity, he blogged about his frustration over the terrible religion that is Islam.

Husayin used a fake name on his English and Arabic-language blogs and Facebook pages. After his mother discovered articles on atheism on his computer, she canceled his Internet connection in hopes that he would change his mind.

Instead, he began going to an Internet cafe — a move that turned out to be a costly mistake. The owner, Ahmed Abu-Asal, said the blogger aroused suspicion by spending up to seven hours a day in a corner booth. After several months, a cafe worker supplied captured snapshots of his Facebook pages to Palestinian intelligence officials.

Authorities used Facebook to uncover his identity, and now the local ignorant townsfolk want him “burned to death”. Yes, truly this is a religion of peace, a fucking beacon of tolerance!

What’s hilarious is while Muslims feel as though their faith is being attacked by the West, in truth the barbarism, intolerance to criticism and violent rhetoric of Islam is merely being exposed as a real threat to the civilized world. The problem is Islam cannot stand criticism, no matter how justified it is. It isn’t just fundamentalists who wish to murder apostates (or anyone for that matter who speaks ill of their founder); a significant portion of believers have a murderous commitment to their faith. They are like a petulant child carrying a loaded gun, and their dangerous outrage has no place in the modern world. Despite jailing or obliterating anyone who speaks ill of their religion, this pathetic faith continues to argue that they are a religion of peace. The proof is in the pudding, and they’re serving up Blutwurst, people.

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    Not so fucking anti-science when you can hunt down people who dare to use their brains, are you, you fucking scum…
    Seriously, you’re right. That’s not a whole town of extremists, that’s ordinary people, and look! Neanderthal fucking build-a-pile-and-make-fire reaction to someone being smarter than them!

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    Amen! Say it brother! TESTIFY!

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    The word sinister is thrown around allot but i think it applies here

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    its just so fucking sad that someone like me would get murdered for thinking something! what the fuck is wrong with these people. The worst think about it is he was reported to the “Palestinian intelligence officials”, the government is completely corrupt, they shouldnt be the intelligence, more like Palestinian thought police.

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    I hate being so powerless to prevent shit like this happening in the world. I want to reach out and protect this person, but I can’t. 🙁

    I take some encouragement from the fact someone had the balls to rise up from the dirt and think for themselves. But then I’m shot straight back down again by way they’re making an example of him to prevent it in future.

    Humans suck. We really do. I don’t want to be associated with these irrational morons.

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