The Bible is fireproof!

I love how religious rubes cling to anything that has the hint of a miracle as proof of the solvency of their belief. So much for blind faith!

A family living in a mobile home had an electric fire that destroyed everything inside about out, but while sifting through the ashes, they found this burnt out Bible, and immediately thought something miraculous had happened.

The family didn’t want to go on camera Sunday, but one member says, “The Bible is proof that God’s word can’t be destroyed.”

I think the “miracle” would have been your mobile shack not bursting into flame and destroying what crappy posessions you already owned. Now the only thing you have is a Bible that’s burned to shit, and a re-inforced belief God is so powerful he can prevent his “word” from getting 100% torched. Bask in the works of this omnipotent deity and his endlessly impressive parlor tricks!

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    having previously torched phonebooks, thick-ass books are imposable to destroy without large quantities of petrol.

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    When I was very very young, I asked my dad, “So, the Bible is the word of god?” and he said “…yeah…” (He was raised Catholic but never gave a crap about it, really.) I asked, “So if I tore a page out of the Bible, would I be punished? Would I go to hell?” and he said “…no….” So I asked, “What would happen?” and he said “Well, nothing!” …That’s when I knew it was all bullshit. I was 4 years old!


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    This was probably the only thing resembling a book that these people owned. As a professional firefighter, I can tell you that books often resemble the one in this picture after a house fire. You can tell from the warping of the cover and the blackened edges of the pages that this book was exposed mostly to smoke as well as some radiant heat.

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    Zombie Jesus

    “Can’t be destroyed” is a bold phrase. I’d like to them to continue trying to destroy the book to prove this hypothesis. Then we’ll have one less ignorant family with a bible.

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    “Gets saw” well see about indestructibility muhahaha

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    Anonymous Atheist

    When directly exposed to flames, bibles burn just like any other book.

    Otherwise, Christians would be celebrating bible-burning attempts instead of complaining about them, because the attempts would only demonstrate their god’s protective powers. ;)

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    Suppose you are all correct and there is no God, most Christians will have just spent a little extra time in Church and tring to do good. Suppose you are wrong and there is a Heaven and Hell. I know a Bible will burn like any other book but, God does say His Word will not return void. Jesus Loves You Jn 3:16

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