If humans built computers, it means God created the Universe!

Remember Kent Hovind? He was probably the most famous and prolific of all the travelling creationists, going from county to county saying silly shit like “Noah’s flood really happened”, and “dinosaurs and man lived together in harmony” before Adam and Eve eventually pissed off God. In 2007 he was thrown in jail for various tax offenses, and he claimed his money belonged to God, not the government. Since his incarceration, his idiot son has taken up the mantle, and like his old man, Eric is convinced his quaint book of mythology is a literal historical account of Earth’s history.

It looks like jail isn’t enough to stop Kent from occasionally writing blog posts from the slammer, and the latest gem is his air-tight argument because things like computers need human designers, the Universe had to come from God.

Physicist and author Stephen Hawking says that no God was required to make the universe. Stephen, please give a scientific explanation for how your computer came to be without referring to any outside source of power or design such as “man.”

Your answer must be confined to natural causes within the elements of the machine. You can refer to physical forces like inertia, gravity, centrifugal force, etc., even though it could be argued that even they need a designer! If you choose to involve long time periods for your explanation, then also please factor in the disintegration and natural decomposition of the various materials in the computer as well.

Isn’t it awesome when you can built your own pathetic strawman arguments and then effortlessly knock them down? Sure Kent, we have to invoke designers when talking about computers, but so what? It’s simply just a semantic argument at the end of the day. We see the world through the eyes of designers (since that’s what we are) and assume because we build complex stuff, something amazingly complex like a Universe must also be designed. Although this pathetic argument sounds convincing to morons like Kent who have already made up their minds about whether or not God exists (and in turn what this bearded sky man wants from you), the rest of us see through it like grandpa’s underpants.

NOTE: I love on the site how there are a bunch of math formulas in the background. Hey Kent, you know that gravity is also a theory, right?

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    Here’s some typical ID logic from a comment supporting that blog post:

    “Man made systems are functioning systems.
    Man made systems are intelligently designed.
    Therefore, functioning systems are intelligently designed.

    Functioning systems are intelligently designed.
    Living systems are functioning systems.
    Therefore, living systems are intelligently designed.”

    If that’s a well-formed syllogism, then this should make perfect sense:

    Cars are vehicles.
    Cars are wheeled.
    Therefore vehicles are wheeled.

    Vehicles are wheeled.
    Submarines are vehicles.
    Therefore submarines are wheeled.

    Perfect fallacy of composition.

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    i pity all of you

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    Mr. T’s real name is anon?

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    You know what a better argument for “Intelligent Design” is?

    The banana is fucking perfect. End of debate.

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    So sad that assholes like Eric can get away with this shit. I watched “They’re Both Religions (Beginnings, Session 1)”. He’s such a moron.

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    The complex and intricate design of the universe clearly supports the existence of the designer. Much more so than it supports the non-existence of a designer. You really need to wake up and see that God is continually revealing himself to you through nature. What does the precise design and order of things tell you? It baffles the mind that people can enjoy his wonderful creations and yet deny His existence. As if any one of you who deny Him could create something like a tree, a flower, a bird, a human eye or the human mind. God’s word tells us that we will all give an account for our life; whether it be good or evil. I would really encourage everyone to head that warning and learn about your creator. God Bless you all and I pray that you will see before it is too late.

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