TGA Podcast: Episode 112

On this week’s show, Ryan and I talk about the Elizabeth Smart kidnapping trial, and its roots in fundamentalist Mormonism. We also talk about how Spiderman, Jesus, and why superheroes tap into something primal within all of us. Also on the show, the new Consider Humanism campaign and our thoughts about it. Don’t miss out!

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    Spot on show! If people would study classical mythology they would learn exactly what you were talking about – the classic hero myth that fits exactly with Heracles, Perseus, Horus, Mithra, Moses, Jesus, and others.

    Compare Jesus to Heracles = Miraculous birth (virgin birth or knocked up by Zeus), nearly killed as an infant (flight to Egypt/serpents in the crib), amazing talents as a child (precocious knowledge/tremendous strength), miraculous feats as an adult (miracles/labors), some view him as a savior while some consider him a threat, a sacrificial type of death that he technically has the power to avoid but does not (crucifixion/immolation), and then an entrance into an afterlife with his father where he becomes fully divine (heaven/Olympus).

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