Australia’s Education Minister bows to Christian lobby

Now I know a number of you Aussies are still gloating over the fact that your Prime Minister is a non-believer, but I’m sorry to announce to some of you this lack of belief doesn’t seem to be having much of an influence on policy. A few weeks ago, controversy erupted when it was suggested a new “humanism” course should be included in schools as an alternative to religious education. Christians freaked out naturally, and started accusing humanists of being no better than Satanists (I wish I was kidding about that one).

Despite the course being designed and ready to be implemented, Minister Bronwyn Pike rejected the proposal in an obvious attempt to placate powerful Christian lobbies.

There you have it folks: it’s as easy as that to kill secular programs. All you need is an army of rabid, uneducated zombies who insist a secular alternative to their nonsense is unacceptable. So students who “opt out” of the classes will still be stuck with their thumbs up their ass, waiting for their fellow students to be done being taught that an invisible man in the sky created the world for them.

Children who do not attend these sessions are not allowed to be taught anything their classmates might miss out on during this time, so they are often put in another room where they read or play on computers.

That sure sounds like religion’s handy work, right? They prefer students do nothing rather than learn about “…the art of living, the environment, philosophy, science and world citizenship.” With their powerful and influential vote, they’ve managed to shut down this program until someone with fucking balls tells them to keep their retarded, uneducated opinions to themselves. This is a pretty big fail moment, my Aussie friends…

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    J.N. Hudson

    Now I’m just as appalled as you by this appeasement to ignorance and the appeal to the lowest common denominator that brought it about, but I must point out a (somewhat)positive side to this whole gastly clusterfuck of the future of australian children, Aussies need someone to flip their burgers too.

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    But if ‘Religious Education’ is anything like R.E. in England, then it doesn’t consist at all of being told the Bible’s true, but more about what people of different religions believe without reference to the truth of any of them. I remember in R.E. class learning about Jewish festivals, drawing a picture of Shiva, and writing a ‘postcard’ as if I was on the Hajj. There’s no reason for atheist parents to take their children out if it is that sort of class.

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    Okay, just did a little digging and it looks like Australian R.E. isn’t at all like English R.E.. Carry on.

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