Stephen Fry smacks New Age in the face

The whole “Energy” thing drives me crazy too. Anytime someone ends with “we’re all energy” I just want to extract every atom in their body for the purposes of fuel.

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    Stephen Fry is awesome… he should narrate EVERY audiobook EVER! I could listen to the dude talk for hours!

    If you haven’t already picked up Fable III (and why haven’t you?), he’s a total bad-ass as Reaver!

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    Uhhh, Jacob, we ARE all energy, dude. Mass and energy equivalence is not something about which there is any question. Mass is expressible in terms of energy, and due to the way most of us mentally perceive mass and energy, mass seems a more concentrated form of it.

    People who say “we’re all energy” might use that sentiment to say something else silly, but in and of itself, whether it’s said with or without the scientific knowledge behind it, it’s not at all incorrect.

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    He said miracles and creation…

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    We are NOT made of mass we are made of matter. Mass is a property of matter as is charge or handiness of spin.
    Mass Energy Equivalence (E=MC^2) just says, among other things, that as you energy into something (ie. make it move faster) it’s mass (that thing that is measured in kilograms) increases proportionally (gets heavier).
    Energy can produce matter but to say matter is composed of energy is kind of like saying cars are composed of assembly lines.

    I got the game but I live in Spain and so the copy I got is only in Spanish. A travesty that has been bugging me all week to no end.

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    How can Stephen Fry say so much in so few words? Very elegantly put points.

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    What you’re talking about is different, the mass-energy equivalence formula E = mc^2 has no relation to mass increase due to relativistic effects… That is defined by the Lorentz factor and various Lorentz equations.

    All mass is expressible as energy, because mass is a form of energy, as are all particles and all waves. The very term ‘equivalence’ in ‘mass-energy equivalence’ should give this away. I don’t know why you are attempting to differentiate between mass and matter… The term ‘matter’ is a term referring by definition to any particles that have mass. I don’t want to get into semantics.

    For example, my roughly 80kg of weight can be expressed as roughly 7,200,000,000,000,000,000 joules. That is about 35 times the energy released by the Tsar Bomba, the largest bomb ever detonated, so if all the energy of my mass were converted into thermal energy, it would be quite the fireball. It’s a conversion of one type of energy to another, much like a motor converts kinetic energy into electrical energy.

    The assembly lines analogy makes no sense, i don’t even know how that is supposed to apply to anything.

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