Tasmanian church group tricks people into attending “Hell House”

If you aren’t familiar with what Hell Houses are, imagine for a moment the most tasteless play in the world, featuring rape, gruesome abortions, and simulated murder. Sure, that still sounds like a lot of fun, until you realize way too late the performance is actually done by evangelical Christians who want to shock people into believing in a literal Hell. Oh, and they force you to pray at the end for forgiveness. That’s a bummer Halloween, man.

In Tasmania, parents got a bit of a surprise when they attended what they thought would be a fun “Haunted House” performance, only to find themselves stuck in a 45 minute preaching session. The Church group who put on the show, and who decieved people into showing up, defended their actions by saying they warned people about the adult content of the show.

I don’t think these clowns realize just how disgusting and totally inappropriate their shows are. As far as they are concerned, the group is on a mission to save souls; decency and truth be damned! If you’re curious as to what actually happens during these types of performances, The Everything Else Atheist has a fantastic summary of what happens at these places. If you have a few minutes to spare, I highly recommend reading this article.

So should we be surprised religious fundie nutjobs used deception, gruesome violence, fear, and finally intimidation and peer pressure to get their useless message out?

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    I’m surprised they did it all at once, and I’m kinda surprised they were so deceptive about it…and yet so open at the same time. Normally if they’re being what they consider subtle, it’s by affecting school curriculae and trying to pass laws whose side-effects favour them and similar shit. This is the first time I’ve seen them hide their intentions up to a point, then just go all-out freaky as shit immediately afterward.

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    Now that is a horror film!

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    Andrew Skegg

    As a resident of the island to the south of maninland Australia, I was horrified that this religious insanity could reach our shores. Australia is a functionally atheistic society. While our politicians professs to be Christian to avoid offended the devote, very few people attend church regularly and the mainstream media often mock religious ideas.

    I intend to track down Potter’s House (the organising sect) and confront them with their deceitful ways. I thought lying was against god’s commandments?

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