Muslims furious over life conviction for MP stabber

Roshonara Choudhry would still be continuing her studies to become a teacher, if she hadn’t been seduced by Islamic fundamentalism. Instead of living a comfortably being a contributing member of society, she’ll be spending her life in jail for the attempted murder of MP Stephen Timms:

Choudhry stabbed Mr Timms, 55, with a kitchen knife at his constituency surgery. She told officers she had intended to kill him for his support of the Iraq war and would have “kept stabbing him until someone stopped me”.

So why did this otherwise shy girl decide to kill him? Turns out Timms had supported the Iraq War, and Chourdry decided it was time for a little jihad of her own.

The court heard that Choudhry had been radicalised by watching extremist internet videos of Anwar al-Awlaki, wanted over the cargo jet ink bombs.

Awlaki has made several speeches urging followers to do “what they could, when they could, no matter how small,” to help al-Qaida’s campaign of terror.

There was pandamonium as a protest erupted outside, presumably to support actions of Choudhry. One protester even shouted at a Muslim member of the jury, saying “shame on you sister…judging a Muslim sister”.

It seems as though you can’t even fucking convict an obviously deranged fundie without getting other members of this poisonous belief system upset. Yeah, I know there are plenty of Muslims who condemn this type of violence, but can you not see why everyone in Europe is flipping out over similar problems? Your co-religionists are acting insane, and it’s only getting worse. The real protest outside the court should have been against al-Awlaki, not against the government trying to prosecute a criminal.

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    Normally, knowing the Daily Star for the shit-stirring tabloid pile of fuckery it is, I wouldn’t trust anything it said without some backup research…but having done a bit, the facts seem pretty clearly delineated.

    Are there papers in the US that’ll go out of their way to frame things in the most bogited and/or provocative way possible? There must be.

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    Bogited? Wtf. *Bigoted.

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    Maybe, but surely not to the extent as the papers here in the UK.

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    Try reading the DrudgeReport. That’s at least the extreme conservative slant on reality.

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