TGA Podcast: Episode 111

This week Ryan and I talk about the history of Halloween, and the hysteria of Satanic Ritual Abuse in the 80’s and 90’s (and how crazy evangelicals were behind most of it). We also talk about the coming election, and finally we discuss my nasty mustache for Movember. Be sure not to miss the show!

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    Shit I just listen to the episode where you mentioned it. I live in martensville Saskatchewan. Google it for Satanic gugu.

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    Buddhism next!

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    I am completing my final project in philosophy on the afterlife. I almost forgot to mention Halloween, ffs. Thanks for the reminder and the topic ideas!

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    Aerick Duckhugger

    Totally voted here in Washington State, although I’m pretty depressed by the results of the election… especially with lots of the initiatives that passed or failed. What can I do though, eh?

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