Looking stupid for a good cause

As some of you might already be aware, I’ve been growing a mustache for Movember, a clever marketing campaign to raise awareness for Prostate cancer. Since I’ve always been good at looking absolutely ridiculous, what better way to try and give back than by removing any sex appeal I have with this hideous handlebar mustache (I look happy, I know)?

For those of you feeling generous, I have a donation page where I encourage people to give. If your budget is too tight for that, then why not grow one yourself? Awareness is just as important as money, so do your part guys, and join me for a month of itchy face hell as we try to fight this killer. Money goes to mapping the genome of this thing. How cool is that?

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    There’s a hairy caterpillar on your lip! Get it! XD

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    I know you’re straight, and I promise I won’t relentlessly hit on you forever, but I think it’s sexy.

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    You truly look as if you are suffering. So convinced, I will donate.

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    Reverned Clint

    i always have a stache

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    That ‘tash really suits you, in a strange way…… you look ….. um….. dangerous

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    Always great to grow a stache for a good cause. A couple of years back my firehouse had a ‘christmoustache’ contest – who could grow the best stache between Thanksgiving and xmas. Isn’t a creepy porn stache the real reason for the season? And yes, everyone is a loser in that contest (especially our wives) which makes it all the more fun.

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    Fuck, I fucking shaved yesterday after leaving it for weeks and completely forgot. Damnit, lol. I’m with you in spirit brah.

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    Get rid of the throat beard and I bet donations will go up!

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    Beautiful… I will donate but I want to wait a while to see how nasty it truly gets.

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    I think you look alright. Not a terrible look for ya. I’m not really an expert on male beauty though.

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    Alicia Trinidad

    You should grow your hair out too so you will look like Jesus fo-sho!

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    J.N. Hudson

    Don’t look that bad, but I’m probably baised seeing as how I’ve only spent 3-4 months of the last 18 or so years clean shaven (And not 3-4 consecutive months.) I’ve seen far, far worse. at least it’s not a Porn ‘Stache, Faux Manchu, or Broom ‘Stache. I’m stuck with a mustache/goatee combo that naturally grow in looking like it came stright from the late 19th century (Think King George V or Tsar Nicholas II) But hey, at least it’s for a good cause, right?

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    “dey dook our deerbs” all you need it a southern American accent and a truck drivers cap!

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