Atheists are perverse!

With newfound confidence comes new problems. As atheists, we’re beginning to see a backlash against rationalism from our sectarian counterparts who feel threatened by our lack of faith. They see it as “perverse” and a “threat to society”. That’s according to Italy’s Foreign Minister Franco Frattini who called on Muslims, Jews and Christians to unite against atheism, materialism and relativism.

Christians also must be able to forge an agreement with Muslims on how to fight those aspects which, like all extremisms, threaten society. I refer to atheism, materialism and relativism. Christians, Muslims and Jews can work together to reach this common objective. I believe it’s time for a new humanism in order to struggle against these perverse phenomena, because only the centrality of the human being is an antidote to fanaticism and [sic]intolerance.

So the centrality of the human being helped stop the Inquisition, the Crusades and suicide bombings, right?

You can read a great summary of this nonsense here, and I won’t go into any detail other than to say this kind of behavior and rhetoric is bound to get worse, not better. Religionists are frustrated by the fact they haven’t won an argument since the Dark Ages, and their usual M.O. of torture, intimidation and vilification are the only tactics they’ve ever had success with. If you knew how many people would bring back the “good old days” of the Inquisition, you’d probably never leave your house.

We’re the most despised minority in the world, and as we slowly move out of “the closet”, what do we encounter? Fear, distrust and hatred. As the true scope of non-belief around the world becomes known (we aren’t as small a minority as everyone would lead you to believe), we should be weary of those blowing war trumpets. They are calling for our heads, and we must expose these dangerous bigots as the delusional loons they are.

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    Here here!

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    I’m all for being a bit perverse, but this guy’s got really vanilla tastes if his idea of perversion is an atheist. Does he prefer to pray before and after?

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    Fight materialism? Sell the Vatican, give the profits to the poor. Done.. see it’s not that hard.

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    The tactic that they are most successful with is indoctrination from birth. Why do you think the Catholics are so hard core against abortion? If anyone adopts through a Catholic agency they must sign an agreement to raise that child in the Catholic faith. It is far easier to brainwash a child than it is to convert an adult.

    Furthermore, it is very difficult for people to shake off the religion that they were born into and raised to believe – though many followers of this sight have managed (me included).

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    Men's Battle Plan

    “If you knew how many people would bring back the ‘good old days’ of the Inquisition, you’d probably never leave your house.”-Jake

    Seriously. Do you really think this is true?

    You pick all the extreme cases in this world and report on them. What about the other 99.99% of Christians who are good folks and are doing so much to help this world? Can you throw me a bone? Try to say something nice about Christians.

    “We’re the most despised minority in the world,”-Jake

    You really aren’t. Really. Don’t believe all the wacko Christians out there who spew there sick, twisted rhetoric. We like you guys. Even if you do have a silly mo.

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