Church of Ireland loses millions after collapse of AIB shares

I don’t normally take pleasure in the failures of others, but I’m willing to make an exception when it comes to corrupt institutions. That’s why I cracked a little smile today when I read the Church of Ireland lost over 17 million dollars when the value of their shares in AIB plummeted.

Of course, what sucks here is the near collapse of this bank has ended up costing Irish taxpayers a bundle (since in today’s modern world, we can’t let “banks fail”), but if it’s any comfort, the Church now has less money to pay the pensions of retired priests that raped children. Small comfort, I know, but I try to take joy in the little things…

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    I think that you better learn to differentiate between the Churches. The Church OF Ireland (Anglican) is NOT the Catholic Church of Ireland who had a major problem with Paedofile Priests

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