TGA Podcast: Episode 110 1/2

This week, we have a special episode about Cryptozoology and the search for Bigfoot, all centered about a hilarious movie called Bigfoot Lives!. We talk about everything from why do some still believe to the famous hoaxes that have been exposed but still ignored by true believers. We also talk about okapis, probably the weirdest animal you’ve seen in a while.

Oh, and also candy that tastes like tar

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    Satanism! Also, when we going to have that episode on Buddhism?

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    I just about to listen to it but it seems like your moving into general skepticism… which i enjoy. Im not sure where your looking to go with the content of your show, but i don enjoy all manner of skeptical debate. One thing i would really like to hear you discuss is the documentaries; The Union, The Corporation and Zeitgeist. I recently watched them and they blew my brain all over the ceiling, im still scraping it back together and now i dont know what to think, so i would like to hear your take on them. Are we all slaves to bank owned debt, would the CIA really assassinate presidents for oil, how can we shift towards the Resource based economy outlined near the end of Zeitgeist.

    Just some thoughts that you may be interested in as well, and religion comes into play, its a big fucking speed bump.. more like wall.. stopping the development of civility.

    Keep up the great work


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    that last post full of spelling mistakes, sorry am using my phone! I mean to say i do enjoy all manner of skeptical debate….

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    Clayton Jenkins

    I don’t know if this is the correct place to post this, but seeing that I can’t find anywhere else that seems appropriate, I’ll ask here.

    If you have Greydon Square on the show I would like you to ask, or touch bases on, his thought of other rappers.

    Like who has he looked up to for inspiration? Does he listen to hip hop artists that use religion to seem smart [maybe a bit prejudice but it seems this was really common in the 90’s before the current “radio rap.”].

    I love almost all forms of hip hop music. But sometimes grind my teeth and the underlying messages. It’s hard as an atheist to ignore lyrics like this

    “And I’m not afraid to die, I’m not afraid to waste my life
    Cause when I die I’m going to paradise
    So I’m not worried, and I’m in a hurry to die
    Cause I’m not gonna let nobody disrespect me
    and make comments about me without me retaliating back”

    Animal Rap – Jedi Mind Tricks.

    Rappers I enjoy: Notorious BIG, Zion I, CunningLynguists, De La Soul, Mos Def, and Nas.

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    why does bigfoot look a lot like a bear? Which are known to live across the American south? Even the footprints look like a bears. The pattern to standing up for a few seconds at a time sounds like a bear. It looks like a bear. I think there is a bear. There are often bears. I’ve never personally met a wild bear, but I’ve seen bear tracks. My roommate had a bear in her yard once. There are lots of bears.
    And then a lot of fake evidence built on top of it.

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