Stop calling medical marvels “miracles”

A fan sent me a picture of this poster he found at a local Hospital in Britain. It states “[t]he miracle of cornea transplantation can help restore sight”. Miracle? That shit drives me crazy. Cornea transplants are medical marvels, made possible only because of our ever growing understanding of the human body. If it was a damn miracle, you’d be able to do the operation with a fucking toothpick and a communion wafer.

I’m sick and tired of this type of nomenclature when it comes to serious medical science. Can we start admitting this is all because of the continued progress of science and not the supernatural, people?

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    I’ve always seen that kind of use of language as a vaguely good thing – it indicates that the word is losing its literal meaning, and when people think the word ‘miracle’ they’re going to be increasingly less likely to automatically think of supernatural crap.

    Admittedly this isn’t a very emphatic example of it – but language changes with culture. Old words do new jobs. When was the last time anyone heard ‘damn it’ in casual conversation and instantly thought of condemning the subject to an eternity of fiery torture?

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    Its amazing how the ‘miracles’ occur only after a lot of hard working dedicated people solve the problem.
    ‘Pray in my name and it shall be granted…’
    has yet to ever actually work on anything real.

    Wrong Aegis the word has not changed the theostards do actually believe it is a real miracle. And when I’m around the theostards and use words like damn it I am told I be sent to hell.

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    Aegis was saying that use of the word will get watered down through use in other forms. This is surely the case with the poster. Sure, loads of people think of supernatural miracles, but use in other forms will, if continued, evolve the word and its meaning. In fact, one of the definitions of a miracle is something that incites awe or admiration. This is quite similar to something that is called a marvel.

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    I totally agree with you Jacob. Don’t care much for the “gift” of sight bit either if I’m honest.

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