British Humanist Association launches “no religion” census campaign

Ok Brits, here’s the deal: a number of you nonbelievers have been filling in “Christian” in your census boxes, and this has to stop. The British Humanist Association has launched a campaign aimed at encouraging atheists and agnostics to fill in “no religion” in order to send a clear message religion is becoming increasingly marginalized in society.

With the growing confidence we’ve been feeling recently, I’m confident the supposed “37 million Christians” will shrink faster than the polar icecaps. And for those of you who think it doesn’t really matter what you fill out, consider the fact your country has thousands of faith schools funded by your taxes, all because of perceived religious needs of Britain.

So do your part and tell the government you have no religious affiliation, and faith schools are a waste of fucking time.

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    As a Brit i totally agree with your comments and will be ticking the important box.

    However to an American can i ask you to remember that there are currencies other than “dollars” in the world! We pay tax pounds here.

    It reminds me of the wonderful description on a US news channel of Nelson Mandela as an “African-Ameriocan” and the ambulance chasing lawyers at the Bhopal disaster claiming that the (hindu) victims deserved a good Christmas..

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    This is unbelievably true! I am 15 and attend a state-funded comprehensive and can think of 3 good examples of this:
    1) my friend Lucy says that she doesn’t believe in god and that the very notion of a god is ridiculous. But, she hastens to add, she is a Christian.
    2) my friend sophie states that she does not believe in a god per se and prefers to think of herself as agnostic. However, she identifies herself as Jewish and told me to my disbelief “you’re born into Judaism; it’s not a choice”
    3) my friend catherine goes to one of those fucking state funded faith schools. It’s a catholic school. Now trust me, if she were a comitted catholic I would NOT be her friend. She told me that she knows very few strictly religious people and that although she does believe in a higher power she does not support the doctrine of the church. THEN WHY ARE MY PARENTS TAXES SPENT ON BLOODY BIBLES FOR HER SCHOOL?!
    Sometimes I despair of my peers, I really do…

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