The Lorne Trottier Public Symposium: Confronting Pseudoscience

For those of you that listen to the podcast and remember me mentioning the Lorne Trottier Public Symposium on Confronting Pseudoscience. featuring Michael Shermer, David Gorski and Ben Goldacre. It’s 2 hours of pure awesome. Do yourself a favor and don’t miss this!

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    You might also like ( i didn’t hear in mentioned on the podcast).

    It’s a blog that Dr. Gorski writes for and co-founded i believe. It isn’t about religion it’s about exposing the problem with rejecting science-based medicine in favor of pseudomedicince and alternative “medicine”.

    Also, Dr. Novella (the other co-founder and writer for Science-based medicine) hosts a podcast, the skeptics guide to the universe. They tend to steer clear of religion, but it is about highlighting science news and confronting pseudoscience and pseudomedicine. Plus, it just has a fun cast that is worth listening to.

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    Hey TGA, how come when you asked your question they didn’t show you on camera, but they showed all the other questioners? Is your stache really that creepy?

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    Jacob Fortin

    They also didn’t show the conspiracy theorist before me, but yeah, the stash is fucking aweful

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