Tennessee Faith Schools excel at failure

If you think reading, writing, and mathematics are tools of the devil, you should consider moving to Tennessee. It turns out a loophole in the state constitution allows faith schools to be exempt from mandatory testing, which means kids attending these schools tend to have terrifyingly low reading, writing and math comprehension skills. Parents who send their children to these dummy institutions often find out too late their offspring rank in the lowest percentile in all educational disciplines.

It gets worse; apparently the teachers themselves don’t even need a high school diploma to teach their special brand of nonsense, so there’s no telling what kind of “education” these kids are getting. There aren’t even any official numbers indicating how many children are getting the “shaft” going to these places.

One of the idiots trying to defend the fact faith schools have no government oversight is Rob Shearer, who is part of a private organization that oversees faith based schools in Tennessee (they seem to be doing a great job so far). He thinks that

“…the average home-schooled mom is as qualified to teach her children as the average public school teacher is to teach her class. I’m opposed to any sort of blanket requirement that teachers have to have some level of certification because nobody’s ever demonstrated that it makes any difference in teacher’s effectiveness.”

I hate this kind of bullshit appeal to “motherly wisdom”. No, the average mom is definitely not as qualified to teach when compared to real certified educators. There’s a reason teaching is a job and not a fucking hobby.

If guys like Shearer are so convinced of the effectiveness of their own curriculum, why are they afraid of the possibility of government oversight? All they would be required to do is have their students tested the same way kids all over the country are. Put your fucking money where your mouth is, Robby! I’d be willing to bet money most of the students at these faith schools would perform so terribly the public would have a collective freak-out. Better to be invisible, right?

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