Nice job, Teabaggers

I tell you, does a day go by without Tea-Baggers doing something crazy? What’s hilarious about this whole thing is just how milquetoast the assaulted woman’s protest really was; she wanted to present a fake award to Rand Paul for the merger of corporate interests with the Republican Party. And because this is America, poor and uneducated idiots felt the need to defend these helpless corporations and their growing influence on politics by stomping this lone woman’s head. The system works, everyone!

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    Why is it that when my state makes the news, it is for events like this. We actually do have some rational and educated people in Kentucky – they just don’t go out marching and shouting. I can’t wait until I can retire and move – maybe we’ll come to Canada.

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    Jacob Fortin

    If all the rational people leave, who will stop the tide of idiocy?

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    Better be careful, this is how shit started to go bad for the Romans. XD

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    The only theory that makes sense is that the voters are hellbent on finally taking the U.S. over the edge.

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    The funny thing (besides wrestling a little woman to the ground and stomping on her head) was that they were saying “CALL THE POLICE!” I can only assume that they meant to call the police because of what the little woman was doing… why?

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    This assault was caught on tape.
    The assholes will be prosecuted? Right?! Right?!

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    Of course the actions of this nut job (Profitt) was wrong. No one should ever do what he did.

    But to answer kennykjc’s question: She rushed the car and tried to put a sign through the window. Some guys in suits rushed over and got her away from the car then Valle went around the car and tried to get to Rand Paul again after he had gotten out of the car. So she was obviously trying to get to him which is a pretty big security concern.

    Here’s the whole video:!

    I want to be clear though, I’m not condoning the actions of Profitt. Just pointing out why they were yelling for the police in the video.

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    I don’t care what the woman was trying to do or what the supporters there believe. It’s fucking sick to watch a big group grab, push, pull the hair, kick and step on another person. And not a single person tries to stop a man who is literally stepping on the head of a woman. Wow. It’s a short step to rounding up a lynch mob…

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    They were a bunch of thugish dicks, she was a fucking idiot.

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