Checkmate, atheists!

Well, I guess TGA has to shut down and officially call it quits, people. How else can you refute such impenetrable logic? I just have one question for this poor girl: have you even read the fucking Bible?

If you can stand listening to this spectacular dummy, enjoy her other video on how atheists aren’t logical. If by the end you haven’t thrown your computer against the wall, you get a gold star!

NOTE: I love the comments in her video too. One guy asks:

The Bible is the word of god.” But the Bible was written by people. Isn’t it logical to think it’s probable that those people were mistaken by their superstitious beliefs and had the wrong explanations for things, because science was not developed then?

Her response?


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    I guess this is what young people do when they believe masturbation to be a sin. :)

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    I am “like sooo” going to my priest right now to be “like” rebaptized “and all”. She really really “like” explained it all to me. Absolute genius, inspired by “like” God

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    Hahaha! She has clearly put a lot of thought into that(!)

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    Oh don’t pick on her. She had to learn to spell Youtube to set up the account. She’s put work in.

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    Crikey…this is one of those could it be a clever parody moments.

    If sky-oaf didn’t exist who wrote the bible? Surely an Atheist in disguise?

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    To answer her question…It was written by Satan.
    His goal is to get as many people to kill as many as possible and do many other evil acts to get the halls of hell populated.
    I can’t think of a better way to have that happen then to write a few holey books.
    I do not know who 1st proposed this but he/she was brilliant!

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    Aw c’mon folks, she’s yanking your chains. She’s a female version of Edward Current, she’s even using his format in vids. Now don’t y’all feel foolish?

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    I’m calling Poe.

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    John D

    Too late. I wrote this comment from my god damned iPhone.

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    complete imbecile. where does she think the Bible came from? Does she seriously believe God ghost writes each copy? “like” magically mails copies of it to earth with no human interaction? maybe God visited each hotel/motel room and penned a copy before he left too. is that why there’s donkey like emissions always found under black lights in motel rooms?

    And then her Logical normal logic video: Did she just say “millions of moons on saturn?” further more, atheists use the same logic as used in “earth has gravity thus saturn has gravity,” because all other gods are fake, thus the christian god is fake. OH SNAP!! (see what i did there?!)

    I’d still toss the chili pepper in the dirt hole, dont get me wrong.

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    Bryan Elliott

    I think that successfult Poe-troll is successful. Check out her channel description; nobody cherry-picks the worst quotes like that except the Westboro Baptist Church.

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    You missed a really good one by the same girl, apparently it’s vote Scott Brown or die!

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    J.N. Hudson

    “If god doesn’t exist then who wrote the bible?”

    Where in the bible does it claim, or even so much as vaguely suggest “god” wrote the damn book? She’d know this sort of shit had she ever bothered to actually read the bible.

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    It’s the acknowledgements at the start of the book: “I wrote this book all by myself with no help from anyone.”

    The bible I have – the Gideon Holy Bible that is in almost every hotel room in the UK – acknowledges that, “There are many different writers”. However it goes on, “Christians believe the bible to be the word of God because the Lord Jesus Christ believed it to be so”.

    As regards infallibility it says, “the translators were united in the commitment to the authority and infallibility of the Bible as God’s word in written form.” Later in the same section is says, “Like all translations of the bible, made as they were by imperfect men, this one undoubtedly falls short of its goals”

    So the bible was “ghost written” by (presumably fallible) men to be the infallible word of God, and they achieved that goal because Jesus said so. However, God could not be bothered with the translation stage and withdrew his infallible guidance meaning all versions except the original are flawed and as yet those translations have not been Jesus endorsed to make them infallible.

    So we have a fallible translation of the infallible word of God translated by fallible men and written by fallible men where the original was infallible because the infallible son of god declared the original writings of fallible men to be infallible, but no such infallible guarantee was made by the infallible son of god about the fallible translation of the infallible word of God written by fallible men. Got it!

    Oh wait, she said the bible was written by God, not men. So is she fallible or is the introduction to the infallible bible fallible? And why would the infallible god permit a fallible introduction? Maybe he’s fallible? No that can’t be it …

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    She’s cute. I think TGA knows that it’s a bit of Edward Current style mockery – the article’s entitled “Checkmate, Atheists”

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    Jacob Fortin

    Current’s satire is brilliant because it’s obvious. But in the case of this girl, even if she is trying to troll, the truth is her satire is weak; if you can’t make it obvious for people like us, it might as well be real.

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    C. Clinton

    Oh c’mon. I thought it WAS pretty obvious how hard she was trollin’. Within the first 30 seconds of the first video, I was kinda like, ha….okay. She’s a poe.

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