Yes, humans are stupid

Another tragedy in the name of superstition:

A four-month-old baby is dead and 10 other people are injured in the small town of La Verriere, west of Paris, France after they jumped out of their apartment’s third-storey window after believing to have seen the devil.

The story is still a bit of a mess, but it goes something like this: in a crowded appartment, a bunch of naive superstitious dummies mistook the baby’s father for the devil (who was naked at the time), and they all jumped out of a 3rd story window to get away from him, baby in hand.

What the hell is wrong with people?

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    According from the latest French newspapers, only one of them is telling this “devil story”. According to all the other people who where there, this guy was being violent and had a knife in his hand. They say they jumped because they were afraid he might attack them.

    It seems that the guy with the knife just made up this whole satan story to cover his ass.

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    @ JFS
    So, they fled possible injury in a way that was certain for injury?
    I’ve never seen something so appropriate for the “out of the pot into the fire” cliche.
    In either case…It’s a bit silly.

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    It must have been a meeting of the 10 biggest pussies club. Lets say he did have a knife, if 10 people cant subdue one guy with a knife, there is a problem.
    Whats the thought process to end up at “jumping out the window” as a logical solution. I’m also assuming some people must have had to wait their turn before jumping out the window.
    I’d be more concerned about the fact Im jumping a naked guy then a guy with a knife.
    I feel bad for the kid, but I hope all the adults got fucked up.

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    Jacob Fortin

    They tossed him out of his own house. I would have come back with a fucking knife too!

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