Jesus Camp comes to Asia

Nothing more disturbing than watching a bunch of kids crying and lamenting for “salvation”. I’ve met a lot of kids who have been brainwashed by these kinds of camps and they are all fucked up to some degree. Now we’re exporting crazy to other countries! We should be so proud….

(via Unreasonable Faith)

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    disturbing shit

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    This is an annoyance of mine. The religious are proud to say, when reason fails to prove their ideology, that religion fulfills some sort of intrinsic need of people. However, it appears to me that this “intrinsic need” is really a product of environmental pressures. The need is planted-it’s not natural! If quantified, however that would be done if it indeed could be, i’d say that this would provide good evidence that indoctrination is child abuse.

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    This may not attribute to this video, but references all videos that convey an image of individuals acting in an erratic manner attempting to arrive at contact with a spiritual being.

    Individuals that preach religion and implore their audience to allow god to envelop them and experience “salvation” are deceiving children and adults. Religious individuals may believe they may be experiencing a spiritual encounter, are actually indulging in an art form known as BMC. This practice illustrates parallels with acting and dancing improv exercises emphasizing on actors and dancers releasing all existing restraints and express themselves artistically, simply an ignorant and perpetual delusion in the eyes of believers.

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    J.N. Hudson

    Fuck me running…. That was seriously disturbing. IMO, it looked far more like some form of whacked out mental/emotional torture than religious worship. I would not be at all suprised if more than a few of those kids, or any children indoctrinated in such forms of “worship”, end up mentally and/or emotionally traumatized. I find it truly and completely sickening, mainly because the agents of this sadistic indoctrination are people that children are taught to trust implicitly and without question.

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    I love how there are Anime banners at the front of the room!

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    @Rebo: They’ve got one thing right at least.

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