Glenn Beck is shockingly ignorant

I don’t consider myself an expert on evolution; however, I’ve devoted a considerable amount of time studying the matter, if for no other reason than to try and understand humanity. The answers to some of our most puzzling questions become obvious once you realize we are nothing more than apes that have evolved over millions of years from a common ancestor to other primates. While our chimpanzee cousin’s “evolutionary focus” was more on climbing trees and eating fruit we went a different route, which led to our large brains, our upright posture, and a significant loss of hair.

The evidence of our ancestry is so strong you cannot find a serious scientist who refutes the fact we are, in fact, just another branch of the ape family. Despite all this, scientifically illiterate morons like Glenn Beck continue to refute the obvious. Their arguments are so weak and stupid that attempting to answer them seems like a waste of time:

“I don’t think we came from monkeys. I think that’s ridiculous. I haven’t seen a half monkey / half person yet. Did evolution just stop? Did all of a sudden, there’s no other species that is developing into half-human..”

Other species developing into half-humans..what exactly does Beck think evolution is all about? Does he think all species eventually develop into upright primates or something? Even someone vaguely familiar with evolution would never make such an infantile assumption.

Luckily for Glenn he’s not the only moron on the show; his idiot cohost brings up Piltdown man in an attempt to refute the scientific evidence of our ancestry, as though mentioning a hoax which was exposed in the 1950’s somehow means evolution is wrong. These morons don’t understand science is a process, and individual scientists are human beings who make mistakes, and occasionally try to defraud people (yes, sometimes people suck). Luckily, the scientific method demands evidence and applies intense scrutiny to any claim. With this error correcting mechanism built in, it’s usually only a matter of time before hoaxes are exposed.

Think of how science and religion contrast with the simple example of The Shroud of Turin. This pathetic relic has clearly been identified as a 14th century pious hoax (which matches the date of the appearance of this supposed relic), and yet the Catholic Church continues to try and assert it is indeed the cloth that was placed on the body of Jesus when he was buried. They do this because the item serves as pathetic “proof” their God existed, and that’s the level of scrutiny they are willing to apply. That’s the real difference between religion and science; while hard working men and women probe the very fabric of the Universe, pious morons like Glenn Beck  continue to disbelieve the evidence simply to maintain a belief a bearded super being created us in “his” image.

NOTE: This is the same man that now has his own University. Be afraid, people!

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    I quote
    ‘I haven’t seen a half monkey half human yet’

    He obviously didn’t look in the mirror this morning?

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    J.N. Hudson

    Not suprisingly he started off with a false premise from the get go, NOBODY who understands evolutionary theory and the scientific method “believes” in evolution, they accept it as the theory that is best explains the diversity of life. Belief is for things for which evidence simply does not exist such as religions, myths, and ideologies.

    “I don’t think we came from monkeys. I think that’s ridiculous”

    If Beck actually had the first clue about what evolutionary theory does and does not claim then he would know that everyone who accepts the ToE thinks that the idea that “we came from monkeys” is ridiculous.

    “I haven’t seen a half monkey / half person yet.”

    Here we go again with the typical creationist misrepresentations of what evolutonary theory does and does not claim. Either Beck, and frankly all creationists, are completey and willfully ignorant of the subject of evolution, or is willfully misrepresenting and outright lying about the claims of those who accept evolution.

    “Did evolution just stop? ”

    I have trouble believing that a man who considers himself so learned as to create his own *cough*”university”*cough* could at the same time be so ignorant of the time scale over which evoution is theorized to take place an instead expects it to happen before his very eyes. So I am lead to the conclusion that Beck is, once more, disseminating a deliberate and willfull lie. I must have missed the clause on the commandment “Thou shalt not lie” where it says “This commandment does not apply when lying for jesus or lying about scientists, liberals, non christians (except mormons), blacks, gays, communists, or people named Obama.”

    “all of a sudden, there’s no other species that is developing into half-human”

    What in the name of ever loving fuck is he going on about? Where did he get the idea that ALL species are going to evolve into humans? Oh yeah, other idiot creationist who have never so much as bothered to explore the subject of evolution outside the ideological safety of Conservapedia.

    I am going to have to disagree with you Jacob. I don’t think Glenn Beck is a complete moron on this, or many other subjects. I think Beck is is engaged in a campaign to disseminate willfull and deliberate lies to a demographic that is conditioned to believe anything it’s ideologues tell them. As to whether or not Beck actualy believes this shit, I am unsure, although after watching and listening to Beck over the past couple of years (Yes, I am a masochist.) I am inclined to say yes, he does believe some of it. Moreover, I’m starting to think that Beck now sees himself as some kind of religious figure destined to “save” america from godless liberals. Of course I could be wrong, It could just be Beck trying to get rich and scam people into buying really overpriced gold.

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    Keep in mind that this is a guy that barely finished High School. When he was still a DJ doing the ‘morning zoo, drivetime’ schtick he tried to take a semester of theology but dropped out.
    So you are both right – Beck is a complete moron AND he is engaged in several campaigns of willful dissemination.

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