Dolphins in Australia think they’re hot shit

Bloody dolphins! Don’t they know playing and having fun is strictly a human activity? Apparently no one bothered to tell them culturally transmitted behavior is not unique to upright primates, as a group of Australian dolphins appear to have learned and passed on a new trick: water walking. By furiously paddling their tails, they manage to pop out of the water and do a kind of “dolphin moonwalk”.

Can you believe some people still eat these guys? It makes me want to vomit in rage…

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    I couldn’t agree more, which is exactly why I’m vegan. The idea that sentient beings are oirs to use as a product is absolutely disgusting.

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    Dolphins are the assholes of the ocean.

    Hopefully make Japan in 2012, so will let you know how they taste 🙂

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    I wouldnt care about trying dolphin meat D:

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    This water walking is then followed by a verse of “goodbye and thanks for all the fish” right?

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    Yeah, it sucks. Sea Shepherd Conservation Society does some good work. Japan whaling (and everywhere) must end.

    Maybe not for the faint of heart:

    I even heard that there was some scientist/chemist whatever, that came up with a method of cooking fish alive, so apparently they’d still be alive when served, that really sucks. I have not looked into it further, but I hope it has come to an abrupt end.

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    I don’t disagree that certain species of animal should never be hunted/killed by people, dolphins being among them. But the idea that eating meat/animal byproducts is wrong has never sit well with me. Though perhaps that’s just my ape side coming out, eh? What is it about eating meat that offends some? Is it the killing of animals, or the suffering of animals? If suffering, the most modern of slaughtering techniques are designed to minimize suffering. Obviously there are cases where companies aren’t recognizing such regulations, which is pretty shitty. But I say the killing of animals for food isn’t wrong. And I’ll stand by that statement until the day non-animal meat farms are created. Just one step closer to PETA’s animal liberation dream lol

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    I feel the meat problem is only a problem because of how it’s carried out and the scale at which it’s carried out. If humankind were able to cultivate animals and fish in a “humane” way (whatever that means) and not cause significant environmental repercussions in the process (that’s a nice discussion in and of itself), I can’t fathom the justification for a campaign to end meat consumption once and for all. At that point it’s blind observance to some form of morality that teeters on ideological baloney.

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