TGA Podcast: Episode 109 1/2

This week, Ryan and I talk about the rising bigotry and homophobia around the world, and we also take your questions for our popular “Ask God” segment. If you’re feeling particularly blasphemous, then you won’t want to miss out!

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    Is it free for Cocktober?

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    Jacob Fortin

    Sure is!

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    Being a Finn myself, I’ve been following the media hub-bub about this whole church ordeal. It’s at the same time funny and sad how the church representatives are tripping over themselves in a hurry to explain how gays deserve to be treated equally and with respect, yada yada, and how this Päivi Räsänen (you get points for the pronunciation effort :p) is *not* an official church representative. She is not, that is true, and her political party is no way affliated with The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland, despite being called Christian Democrats. However, the media is reporting that since the mass resign started, the Christian Democrats party has been getting an unusually high amount of membership applications… although nowhere near the same numbers.

    What just irks me is to read someone say that you should stay with the church, even if you don’t agree with them. Their argument is that if the moderates leave in droves, that just leaves the church with the more conservative members. So, basically, you should keep paying the tax for the privilege of belonging to a club where your morals clash with their rules. -_- I’m just glad I resigned myself years ago.

    Besides things happening in Finland and Uganda, have you been following the news about the Saudi prince who killed his manservant? If he had just simply murdered him in his home country, or even abroad, his family money could probably have saved him from any serious crime sentence… but oh noes, being gay is so much worse! XP

    Anyways, thanks for the show 🙂

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    Leroy Beumage

    With respects to Uganda and posting “top homos” in their news papers, this was the same sort of thing anti-abortionists did to target abortion doctors. They posted wanted posters, giving personal details about where the doctors live, what kind of car they drive, what they look like, and their “crimes”.

    This stuff is nothing to mess with.

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    I just realized something kind of sad Jacob. I live in the U.S. and hardly ever hear anything about Canadian politics and events. Meanwhile you live in Canada and are very familiar with the political candidates in the U.S. I know part of that is because you are well read and keep up to date with current events. Still I feel like people in the U.S. should show more interest in our fellow North Americans.
    Do you feel the reason we in the U.S. don’t hear about Canadian politics is due to a lack of interest from our major media outlets or is it a difference in how Canadian politics function? I guess I’m wondering if Canadian politicians avoid the same school-yard drama that U.S. candidates typically use? If so Canada is looking better and better. ;-D

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    Speaking as a Canadian I can say that for the most part Canadians are quite well informed about American politics. Then again the same can be said for much of the world. In Canada’s case it really is just that our politics is really, really boring.

    We’ve only got something like a 10th of the population of the United States and things like political extremism and religious nuttery are seen as things you just don’t bring up. That isn’t to say that it doesn’t exist, our Prime Minister Stephen Harper is essentially a Bush wannabe who has to pretend to be more moderate than he really is to stay on the publics good side. If anything he get’s criticized for being rather quiet and private about his plans.

    Canada’s politics is just boring and not very important to a certain portion of Canadians. While American politics is exciting and scary with all kinds of hyper partison mayhem in the middle. I personally like watching the maddness with the safety of knowing I don’t have to nessecarily deal with the outcome.

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    Shaded Spriter

    Thanks for mentioning the Transgender story in this episode – It is overlooked a lot especially the FtM transsexuals. (Also thank you for correcting yourself with the pronouns. I am sure there would be a comment complaining if you didn’t correct yourself.)

    On the Movember thing – was at a party last night a friend who I found out was a Female crossdresser. (hard to spot.) was dressed as Gomez Adams – people are saying she should keep the pencil mustache for Movember.

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