Richard Dawkins and Neil deGrasse Tyson on the poetry of science

Man, how awesome was it to be at that bloody lecture? Both Richard and Neil are two of the best at demonstrating the true beauty of the Universe. While robed clowns profess the wonders of their limited and myopic mythology, these intellectual giants help us to see the Universe for what it really is. If you’ve ever taken the wonders of science for granted (something we are all inclined to do), remember we are perhaps the luckiest generation yet born, who knows enough about the Cosmos to fathom our true place among the stars.

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    We are also the 1st to know for absolute certainty of life after death, as well of the existance and Glory of God.

    yes, beauty comes in many forms and needs to be celebrated.

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    Pete, every single generation for the last two thousand years has had someone say that, and nothing’s changed about what they know, beyond some retranslations. XD This generation? The human genome is mapped, we’ve got a deeper understanding of physics and biology than ever before *and time only adds to that*, we’ve witnessed actual macroevolution within the last two decades – since 1990! (as documented and explained at ) – and while we’re discovering all this, the people who claim their generation is the first to understand God’s existence properly? They’re still praying and waiting for answers.

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    Nice, I’ll have to check that out.

    Just like we cannot prove how the universe began, no one can prove the existence of a ‘god’. Although, as Aegis said, we do have greater insights. In this case in astronomical terms..

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    Akin? :- Inclined, it saddens me to say that that bugged me more than it should.

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    Jacob Fortin

    ^ Changed.

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