Rand Paul and his Aqua Buddha

I’m not a big Rand Paul fan (especially after he catered to the Tea Party in order to win their support), but this ad is so stupid and ludicrous it deserves to be lambasted for the bigoted filth it really is. Trying to appeal to the lowest common denominator may seem like a good way to gain votes, but it should be noted others who have tried to use this particular tactic have been murdered at the voting booths. The American political process is generally a gigantic, disrespectful mudslinging affair, and I don’t think candidates realize smear campaigns also affect their own reputation. If you want to win, and win fairly, why don’t you focus on the issues rather than try to attempt to show your opponent as a Bible hating weirdo? Besides, Paul already has the faithful on his side, so what exactly does Democratic runner Jack Conway think he’s accomplishing? If it’s the election of Rand Paul, he’ll succeed brilliantly.

NOTE: What the fuck is up with the whole “aqua Buddha” thing? I don’t even understand what that means…

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    I’m guessing the aqua buddha thing is in reference to a bong. I live in Kentucky and can’t tell you how sick of this election I already am.

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    Left Coast Atheist

    My understanding is that campaigns use negative ads simply because they have been proven to work. In California where I live there are virtually no ads that are not negative. My guess is the rest of the country is much the same.

    My guess as to why these ads work is because it is easier for people to believe something negative about a politician than something positive. It also plays on the fact that of our 2 key motivations, fear and greed, fear is the stronger. That is, our fear of getting a bad person in office is stronger than our desire to get a good person there.

    Another factor is that, with a “winner-take-all” system like ours, game theory shows that there will almost never be more than 2 strong parties. That means that if you show one canadidate is no good then the other wins by default.

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    The aqua buddha has nothing to do with religion, really. It was just 2 very stoned college kids (Rand and his friend) who used a turquoise (aqua) colored statue of a fat sitting Buddha with a bong built into it. The whole ordeal (prank?) of them tying up a girlfriend is the weird/scary part… Telling her to bow down before aqua buddha and worship their pot bong. Again, just goofy stoned (bizarre) kids. No real religion implied.

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    I couldn’t believe this add when I saw it. As I live in Louisville, Ky, it seems to be on all the time. I’ve voted for Conway every time he’s run for election, but wow, I’m so tempted to skip them on the ballot.

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    The Village Heathen

    This is the best political ad since Christine O’Donnell assured everyone that she’s not a witch.

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    How many people lie about their religion to get elected? These people may not be honest, but most of them are smart. Rand Paul might have some weird mystical bullshit beliefs he now lies about. Why would that be a fucking shock?

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    I too am unfortunate enough to be a Kentuckian with the choice for Senate of Tweedle-Dumb or Tweedle-Dumber. Rand Paul is a libertarian nut-job posing as a Republican, while Conway is a conservative moron posing as a Democrat.
    Conway is currently the AG for the state and is trying to uphold the KY Dept. of Homeland Security rule that states Kentucky is reliant upon almighty gawd for its security and requires the head of that department to affirm and publish that belief.
    Typical bible belt politics – god, guns, and gays.

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    J.N. Hudson

    What pisses me off the most about this ad is the seeming assumption that one must not only be a christian, but also have never mocked or critisized christianity in any way in order to be an elected official. This is the same bullshit ideas the tea partiers are puting forth and I can only assume that they are who this ad is supposed cater to.

    What is so idiotic about this ad is that it attacks Paul for stupid shit he did in collage years ago that has no political significance whatsoever, rather than attack Paul the many, many legitimate points he presents.

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    RW from KY

    I too am a Kentuckian, and was in attendance when President Clinton spoke at a Conway rally at my college (UK). Conway has good ideas, but, ideas get you nowhere in a backwards state like Kentucky. The fact that Paul is keeping pace with Conway (and was indeed polling ahead, though only slightly, the entire race until just recently) is a testament to how politically uninformed our citizens are. Forget about his religiosity, Paul want to eliminate the Department of Education! How many millions of students will be forced to withdrawal because they’re unable to afford college? Virtually every fellow student I know receives some form of federal aid, myself, I’m a recipient of Federal Pell Grants and both subsidized and unsubsidized federal loads. They are the only way many of us can afford higher education. Can you imagine what unemployment would look like if all federal aid students could no longer afford college? This is only one of the necessary federal agencies Paul wants to eliminate; ironically the only ones he wishes to leave in tact are those that benefit him directly: those which pay doctors. The oddity of the “Aqua Buddha” smear campaign is not so much the aspect of politics-as-usual, but instead, why focus on something so trivial, when his policy is nothing short of egregious?

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    Venetios Polychronakos

    We ought to win big to overcome the cheating we’ve already discovered. It’s not new but what on earth is new is that we are vigilant and are learning concerning this now instead of 2 months from now. they’ll be exposed for the cheaters they may be, just as their bad campaigning has shown these individuals as liars and devoid of their own ideas. Now is not enough time to slow down nonetheless rather to pile the idea on. It is enough time to leave no doubt in respect of where the American people stand.

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