The People have Spoken!

Ok, voting is officially done, and it looks like you guys voted to have your podcast crack Tuesdays and Thursdays. Presumably this is out of your desire to listen to the show during the work week rather than spend your weekend listening to two morons talk about religion. Makes sense to me.

Thanks for everyone who voted, and we’ll be sure to continue to poll you guys every time we want your valuable feedback.

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    Is the bonus show and regular show coming out on the same itunes feed now?

    Before i had two subscriptions (TGA, TGA Bonus). Then a while back things got all fucked up, at one point i had up to 6 TGA subscriptions showing up in itunes, most with no shows.

    I’m a few shows behind, so i don’t even know what i’ve been downloading lately (i’m 3 shows behind) or if i’m downloading all the shows.

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    Jacob Fortin

    I’m going to be re-doing the feeds manually. It’s tough though, cuz I don’t want to lose iTunes ranking. A fix is coming, I promise.

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