This also applies to small brains…

What can I add besides “why the fuck do you dislike facts exactly”? Is it because they conflict with the existence of your invisible sky patriarch? Rather than live a life devoid of facts (which is impossible anyways), might I suggest you abandon the one thing that doesn’t actually work or tell you anything real about the world you live in. Trust me, accepting reality is so much sweeter than having to wrestle with incompatible beliefs that confuse the hell out of you.

(props to Matt Dillahunty for the find)

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    What a dumb statement. If they believe the Bible is fact then the Bible “doesn’t count” either?

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    the snide atheist

    This reveals a lot more about faith than it does about facts.

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    Religion is a perfect application of the old adage: “Don’t cloud the issue with facts”

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    I guess spelling doesn’t count either.

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    Pretty typical fanfare: Ignore reality, claim the bible to be the truth of the world, and then still somehow not end up behaving the way Jesus tells them to.

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    There’s little online programs where anyone can make a church sign like this. Not saying I know that’s what this is, I’m just saying…

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    J.N. Hudson

    But the facts do count.. that’s why they are facts. No amount of faith will makes them magically go away, they only use that people have for this kind of “faith” is to serve as a flimsy, and unbelievebly arrogant, justification for continuing to remaining willfully ignorant.

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    Im starting to get tired of this.. its always the same.. have we got into the dark ages again?

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    Hahahaha can I get this on the back of an atheist t-shirt?

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    I would love to think that this sort of thinking has no effect on people’s behaviour and judgement regarding other issues, but the reality is that compartmentalization only goes so far, believe enough horseshit on one matter, and it’s bound to affect your way of thinking regarding other things.

    I’ve always felt that the way Americans treat politics in some matters, is the same way they treat religion. And well all know when the two combine, a shit-storm of idiocy follows.

    By the way, I’m glad to see Matt D. mentionned on this site, the only other major athiest podcast I listen to is the Atheist Experience and Non-prophets both of which is a prominent member.

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