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You want to know why some people still believe in God? Well, it certainly doesn’t help when people give “Him” all the fucking credit when it’s the work of real human beings who got shit done. An invisible sky daddy didn’t save all those Chilean miners; real people with science and technology got it done!

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    I think there was a comment on PZ Myers site about this… take away all of the machinery and stuff… and lets see if prayer would get them out. Hmmm… nothing happens…. damn it … get the machinery out, and let SCIENCE and HARD FRACKING WORK get these men out… and they DID IT!!!!

    Prayer didn’t.

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    LOL that’s an awesome cartoon!

    Now, while the invisible sky daddy doesn’t exist, it is possible that the *belief* in this invisible sky daddy may have been one of the only things keeping these miners sane this whole time. I know I’ve been through some rough times when I wished I believed in something, just to numb the pain… and I’ve never been through *anything* nearly as trying as being trapped underground for 69 days!

    That being said, PRAISE SCIENCE!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so fucking glad the rescue went off without a hitch. I cried all day watching it. I wish all these men a speedy recovery and hope none of them has any issues readjusting to life above ground!

    Also, I hope this story is never forgotten… while not being shamelessly commercialized. I beg of you, Western Society… Let just this one thing stay (for lack of a better word) sacred.

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    I’ve heard Vulture-in-chief Max Clifford on the radio talking about a film deal for the Chilean miners.

    Sorry to bust your bubble, Wendy. I know uncomfortable truths are often what we do, but I wish this wasn’t true too.

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    Also, if God had anything to do with it:

    – why did he let them become trapped?
    – why didn’t he allow them to survive without food and water?

    What is equally sad is the indoctrination of religion is probably so strong in the miners themselves that, I suspect in a few days, they will be thanking God and forgetting about the weeks of effort put in by those who actually rescued them.

    It like those who undergo six hours of open heart surgery and then thank God for saving their lives. If I were the surgeons, I’d get pretty pissed off at the lack of recognition.

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    In Man I Trust

    I got so frustrated watching a bunch of adults thanking their imagination for the save.

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    I had probably a dozen people post (or ‘Like’ posts with) on facebook the last couple of days some variation of:

    “…is thanking God for saving the miners”
    “Praise God for saving the miners”
    “Praying to God the rest of the miners are safely rescued”

    And it was pretty irritating to see. Thank your god all you want, but maybe we give a nod to the engineers, miners, laborers, medical staff, etc i’d argue they had a pretty big role in the whole ordeal. Also, surely if we’re going to give credit to your god for saving them then it’s only fair to blame your god for trapping them down there, right?

    Surely no self respecting christian would credit their god with the good and ignore the bad…oh wait…

    On the topic of the rescue, i have to say i was impressed with and surprised by the relative simplicity of the set up. Obviously digging a hole that size thousands of feet down is no small feat, but the fact that the actual rescue was carried out with what looked like a pretty setup; a cage and a winch and pulley system is pretty cool. I don’t know why but i imagined a much more complicated system needed for such an operation.

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    When i was watching the news i got really pissed about one woman who went on about how awesome god is and how everyone seemed to be attributing the sucessful rescue of the mineers to god. I was yelling out about how its the people which helped out, the technology we have and the good will of the people on the ground team, and also the endurance of the miners.

    Then my family sparks up at me saying they need to have faith in something to see them through these tough times.
    Well what about faith in humanity and our intelligence and out social good will. Then debate begins

    Thanks religion for another debate with the family!

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    On Wednesday night, I said this, on the Facebook status: “33 miners were freed today by human efforts. No miracle took place. A miracle would indicate something impossible occurred. In this case a miracle would be all 33 miners appeared on the surface at once. That didnt occur. Dont thank a god. Thank the efforts of humans. You can achieve amazing feats under your own will. You dont need skygods to help you. You’re better than that”

    (which makes this cartoon way more awesome)

    Unfortunately only 3 people liked it and 1 person even challenged me saying “you dont know that half of it.” Meantime, anyone praying or praising a god for the situation started a huge wave of misappropriated credit by all their religious friends. If this was a miracle, religious people have some extremely shitty standards as to what a miracle actually is.

    And i totally second the notion that belief in humanity and our ingenuity is all that’s really required. You can bet a good number of those miners were thinking of surface people who were smart enough to figure it out. They may have been relying on Jesus to help them but stupid religious sheep are reading it wrong. It’s more like J├Ęsus from Logistics. Not the fictional zombie.

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    I just got done posting a comment on Ray Comforts Atheist Central blog. He has put this little, “Media Bias of the Worst Kind” and it is about the miners. If you get a chance go over there and have a laugh and him and his creationist ilk.

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    J.N. Hudson

    I was watching the new all that night and the next day (Insomnia) and every channel seemed to have their little “Miracle in Chile” banner, and it just irked the ever lovin’ fuck outta me. A “Miracle” would not have required some much effort on the part of “mere mortals”.

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    Its a miracle that 33 men survied for 69 days underground in what is basically a tomb. So i dont get any snarky remarks let me simplify my response for your dumb ass little faithless brain. It is a fucking miracle that 33 men could survive even 17 days underground (they were there 17 days before any earthly help arrived). No one died..not one. Thats a miracle.

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    u bunch of attention seekers ,i bet when the goin gets tough theres blisters on your knees and fingers r numb from doin novenas with the rosary beeds how many of u tell your children this crap.r will not have a religous ceremony 4 your weddings ,christenings r funerals ha u make me mumke with laughter muppets

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    u bunch of attention seekers ,i bet when the goin gets tough theres blisters on your knees and fingers r numb from doin novenas with the rosary beeds how many of u tell your children this crap.r will not have a religous ceremony 4 your weddings ,christenings r funerals u make me puke with laughter muppets

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    the snide atheist

    It’s simply amazing how miracles tend to coincide with the application of human ingenuity and effort. Hmm, I wonder why that is?

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    Our dumb-ass faithless brains?

    Well, here’s your snarky remark: How about a mere FUNCTIONING brain?

    I seem to recall dozens of miners DYING (as in DEAD) in the last year alone from mine cave-ins. I suppose God was on another one of his extended coffee breaks while those men were crushed or smothered to death. Darn the luck. Not too miraculous for them, huh?

    Care to explain?

    I’d love for you to try.

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