Christine O’Donnell is Hilariously Ignorant

In just a few minutes, not only does she fail to properly answer the question of whether or not she believes in evolution (were you too afraid to say no, baby?), but she accuses her opponent of being a Marxist because he wants to raise taxes (and because of a tongue-in-cheek article he wrote as a young man). When she says “raising taxes, which is a tenet of Marxism”, the face on Chris Coons is pretty damn hilarious. I guess he was surprised as well by how fantastically ignorant and off the mark she is. My response to her crazy accusation would have been pretty simple: “What exactly are the tenets of Marxism, you fucking witch?”

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    Harrison Gross

    Why are people this insane?

    I mean seriously, how does something like this happen? How did she win the damn primary?

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    Harrision, as I understand it in NH only republicans vote for the Republican candidates. Because it was a primary the voter turn out was much lower then normal and you can figure that those in love with Palin, who endorsed her, voted for her. Even though I don’t really trust polls much, I very much doubt she will stand a chance to win. The danger I see here is that her crazy ideas are getting a large amount of airtime.

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    Baconsbud, she is running in Delaware, but I think you are correct in your analysis.
    I think she doesn’t have a chance in hell (which doesn’t exist, so the odds even lower).

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    How is it breaching the cosititution to say that creation “science” is bullshit and shouldnt be taught as an equal.
    Funny how she wants to keep her beliefs as irrelevant, then goes onto say how the other guys supposed “marxist” “beliefs” are relevant
    Shes learnt to keep her mouth quiet about some of the shit that normally spews from it, but the eyes still have the glint of a little god virus running the scenes from behind

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    Underneath all the rhetoric and garbage she vomits, you just *know* she’s fully aware she’s relying on the emotional, knee-jerk, ignorance of a segment of the electorate to vote her in.

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