Atheists need to get more involved in politics

I often write about the need for atheists to get more active and more involved in the political process. This is particularly true in America, as the religious right continues to galvanize its power and is poised to reclaim the House of Representatives. Especially worrisome are the candidates who threaten to take over. Although the media has primarily been obsessed with a woman who claims to have “dabbled” in witchcraft, there are plenty of other crackpots running for office. If you don’t regularly watch Rachel Maddow and missed her interview of Art Robinson, the video below will make you want to vomit in terror at the thought of this man becoming a politician.

As society changes and evolves, religionists continue to pretend “their America”, (the one before the civil rights movement) was a paradise for white Christians, and although this vision is about as historically accurate as a Norman Rockwell painting, it hasn’t stopped these crazy Conservative Christians from wanting to abolish all the progress that’s been made over the last 60 years.

Despite claiming a desire for small government, evangelicals would prefer to see a government body which enforces their particular brand of morality. That means no abortions, complete drug prohibitionism (remember these are the same nut bags who made alcohol illegal in the late 20’s and early 30’s) and mandatory Christian education. If you think I’m being overly dramatic, I humbly submit this public service announcement from none other than Chuck Norris (if you think he sounds retarded, it’s because he is):

Luckily I’m not the only one calling for atheists and secularists to get their shit together. Here’s a great article on God Hates You that echoes my sentiments. The message is pretty simple: stop sitting on your asses and don’t let your country get taken over by religious fanatics, people!

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    Holy shit that Art Robinson was so fucking annoying i wanted to go punch him in the mouth so many times. Rachael couldnt get a word in on the side of his bull shit. Fuck im pissed now, good way to wake up, get angry over this nut.

    Hope he gets cancer from his radiation treatment

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    I love her facial expressions…to be fair, the only “issues” she wants to discuss are ones that are obviously negative for him to talk about…though I guess that’s what makes it an “issue” in the first place (at least in the problematic sense). What I don’t understand is why she didn’t just ask him about his views today on AIDS/HIV or what to do with radioactive waste, avoiding the whole problem he saw with quoting (or misquoting, as he somehow claims) from work he’s done in the past. I felt there was silliness on both sides.

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    Alicia Trinidad

    Hahaha FML , that son of a bitch ( Art) called my house the other day to get me to vote for him!! At first I was annoyed because I’m on a no call list, now I’m annoyed that anyone in Oregon would want to donate to this dumbass! not all oregonians are this crazy.. I promise 🙂

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    J.N. Hudson

    I think that in many cases atheists who would like to lend support to a candidate or politician who share their values and view on the role of religion in government are discouraged from doing so by the fact that their support is often used against that candidate by their opponent and PAC’s or 527 group seeking to either smear that candidate/politician, or cater or energize a religious voter base.

    An example of this was widely publicized in the 2008 North Carolina Senate race between incumbent Liddy Dole and NC state senator Kay Hagan where Dole released a fear mongering ad insinuating that Hagan, who had recieved donations from individuals affiliatd with Godless Americans PAC, was intent on promoting an anti theistic agenda, going so far as to show a graphic saying “What did she promise them?” followed by a voice over saying “There is no god.”. Though Dole, thankfully, lost her seat to Hagan, that is not the case in most races, especially state and local elections and ballot initiatives, which can argueably have a far more direct impact on our lives, Like the Texas SBOE.

    Now onto Art Robinson… Art Robinson is a crackpot who thinks that presenting him with his own quotes and asking him to defende them is somehow an attempt to misrepresent him and that any news agency that would dare pose anything other than softball questions MUST be part of some vast anti-american liberal machine intent on subverting the will of the american people. And a side note on Christine O’Donnell, I am sick to fucking death of pundits, polititians, and unfortunetly, relatives accusing democrats, anyone left of center, and me personally of insinuating, suggesting, or outright accusing Christine O’Donnell of being an actual spellcasting, devil worshiping witch. This isn’t, as so many evangelicals would like to believe, some kind of lie made up by evil liberals, but rather a statement by O’Donnell herself (Though at sunday night dinner I heard it’s making the rounds in fundie circles that the video clip from Politically Incorrect is “really” CGI clip funded by George Soros and never really happend.)

    And finally we have Chuck Norris…. All i have to say is if the Founding Fathers intended for the US government to be steeped in religious belief and entwined with the church, then why do the writings of so very many of them state the exact opposite? How could they have intended robust religous education is public schools when there was little mandatory schooling in the US at the time. Widespread government funded standardized public schooling didn’t exist then and wouldn’t until the early 20th century. I don’t necessarily oppose a and elective and optional class on the bible, it seems that actually reading the bible tends to be one the top reasons for losing one’s religious beliefs. What i vehemently oppose and have little doubt Norris wants is a madatory class on the bible with no regard to the students beliefs or lack thereof, no doubt with the intent that some less than professional teacher will sneak in explicitly religious rather than educational instruction.

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