Vote for when you want the Podcasts to go up!

I’m trying to decide what days of the week to publish the Podcast, and I thought I would give you guys a few options. Vote below to choose what days of the week work best for you. Isn’t democracy great?

What days of the week do you want the Podcasts to go up?

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    Tuesdday/Thursday is better as I listen at work.

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    same here. I like to listen to TGA while commuting

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    I don’t care when in the week they come up, just so long as they come up weekly and on time.

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    It would be nice to have the show on Tuesday and Thursday. Maybe it would be crazy to have a mailbag/special interview every month on Sunday? I dunno, just a suggestion…

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    Roxanne R

    Wed and Sat. seem more spaced out, and gives you (Jake and Ryan and Jeff) time to gather more material or think about what you want to talk about.

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    Marley Marl

    Really enjoy listening to the podcast while i’m working haha

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    Not sure how much more work this would be but how about 2 full podcasts per week PLUS a daily 3-5 min rant. A tease of what’s coming up on the main program or a continuation of one of your articles.

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    A monthly mailbag would be ideal. What about a Sunday mailbag (recorded whenever time allows) to counter the Church-goers?

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    I vote for Friday or Saturday.

    I listen to news podcasts during the week, and there isn’t anything for me to listen to at the gym on the weekends.

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