Christian woman destroys blasphemous artwork

I guess Muslims don’t have a monopoly when it comes to over-reacting to cartoons depicting their religious leaders. A Montana woman was recently charged with first degree criminal mischief after she entered a Colorado art gallery with a crowbar and destroyed a series of prints depicting a she-male Jesus receiving oral sex from another man. It’s actually a lot more milquetoast than it sounds.

The artist had been receiving so many death threats that he stopped opening his mail altogether, proving once again religious people are murderously sensitive when it comes to their indefensible beliefs. Kathleen Folden, 56 was wearing a “My savior is tough as nails” (which actually reminds me of a pretty blasphemous ad), but apparently this all powerful entity is incapable of defending himself, and needs crowbar-wielding thugs to do his bidding. His power is truly astounding, is it not? Here’s what her lawyer had to say:

Folden’s attorney, Cliff Stricklin, commented today, “The focus has been on Ms. Folden here today and yesterday, but I think the focus should probably be changed a little bit and we should be asking why the City of Loveland would have deliberately endorsed such a provocative, insensitive depiction and display.”

Yeah, that’s really the important question to ask: why would a museum put up art that was controversial? Artists should just cater to our aesthetic tastes; their creative expression be damned! After all, you might accidentally offend intolerant truck drivers with nothing better to do than be a thug for Jesus.

What really pisses me off about this whole story is in response to this outburst of violence, the gallery no longer offers the print for sale. Mission accomplished everybody! That’s how you silence artistic expression; one act of vandalism at a time.

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    Being a business is tough enough these days without violence.
    Ethically I would like to put more of those in the store, but business wise??? Sorry but the religidiots are a bigger spending group then free thinkers, so out they go.
    Yes I can see his problem. and it is easier to let it go cuz the artist can sell his art on ebay….they can torch the ebay store. ;-}

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    Of course there is no justification for violence or vandalism over someone else’s expression, but the guy making these must be doing it just to try and offend and there’s not really a point in doing that. I whole heartedly agree people get offended too easily and no one has the right to not be offended (you have a right to be offended, not a right to not be offended, there is an important difference there) but i find it hard to support someone who wants to offend others just for the sake of it. Granted, i will support that person, regardless of religious affiliation, because i think freedom of expression is that important. It’s the reason i don’t support banning the WBC, for example. But at the end of the day, the guy is getting death threats, that isn’t right, but what did he expect? It was a stupid thing to do with no real positive to be gained.

    I’m not seeing a hi-res version anywhere, so i can’t see the whole display, but it really doesn’t look like he has some great message to deliver, he has a shitty jesus cartoon getting a hummer, i’m not seeing a great deal of creative expression or artistic vision here.

    While i don’t support the acts of the religious lady involved, and i support the right of this guy to say (or draw) whatever he chooses, i still find it frustrating. Atheists and secularists have to fight to have a voice in society to prevent or reverse damage religion will do or has done, we’re a decent sized minority but we aren’t terribly vocal. When shit like this happens it just allows the religious to play the victim and makes “us” (as far as you can group all atheists) look as bad or worse then the religious. Drawing jesus getting head doesn’t accomplish anything. There is no point to it.

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    Jacob Fortin

    ^I don’t see how it makes us look unreasonable at all. IT’s a fucking drawing. No one is stopping them from drawing their own offensive shit.

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    How do you know the intentions of the artist?

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    The concept of blasphemy really does show up a major weakness in the religious argument. If God is all powerful, infinitely wise and infinitely good, why would God care what a few mortals say about Him/Her/It?

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    So, basically Matt thinks we should continue to accomodate the religionutters by tiptoeing so as not to offend their tender christian sensibilities? Bullshit. And then he waves off this nutter’s extreme fuckery with a simple, “it’s not right, but what did he (the artist) expect?”.

    Maybe the intentions are exclusively to piss off the xtians and I say more of it. They certainly don’t give a fat fuck who they offend, in fact they do so with loud impunity. They don’t tiptoe around anyone & need to *get* the idea in their heads that not everyone respects their faith or religion & it’s no longer off limits to criticism or mockery.

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