Duh! New Survey shows Tea Party closely linked to Religious Right

Wow, tell me something I don’t know: A new poll from the Public Religion Research Institute (yeah, never heard of them either) showed a significant portion of Tea Baggers are in fact part of the religious right. What a fucking surprise! Although only 47% admitted to this, it’s telling 63% thought abortion should be illegal, and only 18% were in favor of gays having the legal right to marry. It makes me wonder if those surveyed were being totally honest about their true intentions.

It’s also interesting to note the Tea Party represents only 11% of the adult population, so anyone who fears they’re a huge section of America should think again. They’re just more vocal and loud than your average group, so they seem a lot bigger than they really are.

What’s also telling is how generally racist and predominantly white Tea Baggers are. Nearly 58% felt the government “has paid too much attention to the problems of blacks and other minorities”, and the overwhelming majority felt immigrants are a burden on the country because they “took ‘er jobs!”. That number, 65%, is an almost perfect match with white evangelicals who also tend to dislike anyone with a darker skin pigmentation than “eggshell white”.

There should be no doubt left in anyone’s mind about whether or not the Tea Party is a religious movement masquerading under the banner of libertarianism. Increased border security and laws against abortion and gay marriage doesn’t sound like small government to me. They just want to kill any social program that ironically seems to benefit the vast majority of people who call themselves Tea Partiers (read this amazing article in Rolling Stone about it). It’s a testament to just how stupid some people are, and how easily some folks can be tricked into working against their own interests.

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    It’s ironic that these assclowns keep saying it’s Muslims that’re a political movement and not a religious group, when it’s the teabaggers that’re a religious group instead of a political movement. Got to wonder if they actually spot that themselves…

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    J.N. Hudson

    None of this is the least bit suprising to anyone who isn’t in willful denial of reality (i.e. most tea partiers). I do have one nit to pick though, there are, or at least were, some tea partiers who are genuinely libertatians with no religious agenda. The first I heard of the tea party “movement” was genuinely libertarian groups and individuals who supported or were involved in Rep. Ron Paul’s failed primary bid in 2008, after the electon in Nov. 08 however, this libertarian movement was co-opted by corporate sponsored astroturf “Tea Party” groups (Tea Party Express, etc.) championed by republican operatives and demagouges and degenerated into the fear-mongering, muslim baiting, conspiracy theorist “movement” that we see today. Almost all of the libertarian voices in the tea party have either been purged for not towing the ideologcal line, have been silenced or shouted down by ideological “luminaries” like Beck, Palin, or Hannity, or disgusted with what the tea party has become, just walked away.

    The earliest of the tea party groups like the Campaign for Liberty were, for the most part, completely devoid of the Birther, Sharia Takeover, on Secret Muslim conspiraces. They were also anti-war, anti-torture, and anti-imperialist, issues whch have, by and large, totally vanished from the tea party “platform”.

    The current version of the tea party retains very little of it’s orginal libertarian ideals. The current tea party claims to opposes “big government”, yet in the same sentance advocates outlawing and imposing criminal penalties on aborton, an act which would almost certainly require the government to, at great expense, moniter every single pregnancy. The current tea party favors the disenfranchisement of american muslims, an idea completely antithetical to the libertarian philosophy they claim as ther own. The current tea party blasts government spending at every turn while at the same time supporting and advancing, should the retake the House of Rep. in the 2010 midterms, a series of ridiculously expensive investigations into Obama’s birth certifcate and/or religious beliefs.

    The Tea Party has become a “movement” of contradictions, paradox, and hypocrisy, who’s members are led like sheep to false conclusions by demagogues who tell them to “Be afraid, be very afraid”, because they are Real Americans(TM) and those “others” who don’t look, speak, or believe like they do are planning to persecute, if they aren’t already. There are words for the tactics of the Tea Party demagogues, they are the Politics of Fear and the Warfare of Cowards.

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    I do agree that here in Canada we’re forced to pay attention to the craziness below the 49th parallel, just because it’s so damn loud. I do have to wonder what our own crazies are up to. Just a thought…

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    Carla Hammill

    Another reason why Christine O’Donnell is wrong:

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