Fluoride and Plastic makes you gay!

I wouldn’t even care what these idiots think if millions of sheepish morons weren’t eating this shit up. Yes, clearly the government is forcing private corporations to put chemicals in products to turn us all gay. Look dude, if you woke up last night sweating your ass off because you had a super hot dream involving you and 10 other guys in an airport bathroom, I doubt it’s your little juice box that was responsible. Idiot.

(props to Get Cynical for the find))

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    Oh Alex, you so crazy!

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    Moron. There have always been homosexuals, even the concept of same-sex marriage dates back to 27 AD.

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    What I really, really hate about Alex Jones (apart from all the other crazy shit) is the way he just says things like “I have the Government documents that say…” or “So-and-so admitted that…”, and then backs it up with absolutely NOTHING.

    Somebody once asked Matt Dillahunty from The Atheist Experience if they’d ever had much to do with Alex Jones (given that they’re both based in Austin) and he said that Alex had once called in with a fake name and tried to argue something along the lines of “How could 2 plus 2 equal 4 unless there was a God to MAKE 2 plus 2 equal 4?”

    If anybody knows where the clip is (I’ve searched high and low)… SHARE!

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    Alex Jones has always been good entertainment. Like the original low-rent Glen Beck.

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    How did the other species in nature that experience homosexuality get a hold of those juice boxes?

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    Alicia Trinidad

    WOW, thats hard hitting journalism ladys and … man-ladys
    Seriously guy, think of what your are saying!

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    Love the way he suggests that “putting a rose garden together” is a non-hetero activity!

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    LOL, I love how the dumbfucks make open ended statements without research. BPA does make men gay and women hyper feminine. Keep drinking that BPA lined juice box and canned food. Enjoy your male breasts, testicular cancer and sexual sideeffects. rcp.missouri.edu/endocrinedisruptors/pdfarticles/Vomsaal1998.pdf

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