Lenny Bruce was the man

Here’s something from Lenny Bruce’s wiki that made me smile, and I felt like sharing the awesome:

Bruce met his future wife, Honey Harlow, a stripper from Baltimore, Maryland, in 1951. They were married that same year, and Bruce was determined to get her off the stage. This desire resulted in Bruce pursuing schemes designed to make as much money as possible, the most notable of which was the Brother Mathias Foundation scam, which resulted in Bruce being arrested in Miami, Florida later that year for impersonating a priest. He had been soliciting donations for a leper colony in British Guiana (now Guyana) under the auspices of the “Brother Mathias Foundation”…Bruce had stolen several priests’ clergy shirts and a clerical collar while posing as a laundry man. He was found not guilty because of the legality of the New York state-chartered foundation, the actual existence of the Guiana leper colony, and the inability of the local clergy to expose him as an impostor. Later, in his semifictional autobiography How to Talk Dirty and Influence People, Bruce revealed that he had made about $8,000 in three weeks, sending $2,500 to the leper colony and keeping the rest.

The man is officially my hero.

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