How did I miss this?

Sure, I don’t watch a lot of TV, but judging by this scene, I feel as though I might have missed something good. Guess I’m going to have to go and download a few choice episodes…

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    What a terrific video, Im glad u posted it so we all could view it. Down here in land of Oz we are also subjected to so much religious bullshit, we’re bloody sick of it I can tell u. Its good to see hollywood is getting finally saying enough of this crap. Good luck with your site (I like it a lot), give em heaps they deserve it.

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    Wow I loved that little clip. I would love to see more people speaking like this.

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    Boston Legal is some funny shit… That was from season 3 (2006), Episode 5 “Whose God Is It Anyway?”

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    Epic! I’ve gotta check this show out now.

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    0:30 “The troubles in Northern Ireland”

    My country always gets mentioned when someone is arguing against religion. Haha.

    Fantastic Video!

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    I miss Boston Legal, it was such an entertaining and intelligent show. Too bad ABC felt compelled to cancel it in order to show mediocre garbage to attract more viewers. The final season’s episode “Juiced” is my favorite, damn I miss its wit.

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    Absolutely fantastic speech. I love it when American TV shows aren’t afraid to say things that are anti-religious or risqué. The whole Scientology debacle in Nip/Tuck really got me going.

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    Great clip!!

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    Boston Legal was a great show. It seriously covered a lot of normally taboo subjects, and had very funny moments to boot! Denny Crane’s (William Shatner’s character) antics alone were enough reason to watch the show. I should think about buying the DVDs.

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