Fear of God is a poor defense

A gay couple in the North West Territories, the frozen butthole of Canada, was recently awarded $13,000 in a ruling involving a landlord who tried to evict them, simply because they were gay. The landlord contended the legal arrangement he made with the couple was null since he genuinely feared God would smite him. Naturally, he quoted the King James Bible as proof God hates sodomites, but the arbitrator in the case found there was insufficient evidence to suggest God would punish anyone for harboring homosexuals. Personally, I think it’s all a bunch of bigoted bullshit that shouldn’t even be humored with a response. If any ignorant idiot tells you the Bible condemns homosexuality you should kindly point out that, in the same book where it claims it’s an abomination for people of the same sex to lay together, it also says one should stone to death disobedient children. Talk about a guide to higher moral values, eh?

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    The HIPPO-crazy of the religious.
    They pick and choose their morality just like everyone else.
    And they are such egocentric asses that they think every one else in the world is as sinful as they are!!!!
    Since they can’t live with a woman without having sex they think gays can’t live together without sex, so they automatically assume all gays are buggering each other.
    No the bible DOES NOT say gays are are an abomination.
    It says laying with a man as you would a woman (the buyBull writers never have the balls to say they can’t screw each other) is an abomination. So if gays are living together and not having SEX, then there is nothing wrong!!!!
    So this nit-wit should be told to shove his head where it will do the most good.

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