How an Atheist stole Christmas

Isn’t it fun the way we’re depicted? All these Christians want is complete cultural domination, and here we are trying to simply take away their privileges! If that isn’t the definition of “Grinch”, then I don’t know what is…oh wait, actually that isn’t “stealing” Christmas at all; it’s merely upholding the Establishment Clause of the Constitution. I enjoy how sinister Daniel Baldwin looks in this movie, and how his pious neighbors are intent on fighting “the man” who wants to take their nativity scenes away. Actually, he just wants it off government property, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

props to Isaac for the find

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    fuck that was painful to watch

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    Everytime the bad guy attempts to create a more tolerant inclusive public space and catches grief for it drink.

    You’ll be drunk before the third act.

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    Remember in 30rock when alec baldwin showed up in Tracy’s dream as nixon?
    Yeah, the villain in this trailer reminds me sooooo much of him.

    seriously though, is this *really* how religious folk see atheists? No wonder they’re runnin’ scared.

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    What’s spooky to me is that minus the content, the trailer is exactly like any other Hollywood trailer in sound, feel and production value. I don’t seem to recall it being like that before. It used to be if we were watching a trailer for a purely christian-themed production it was evident immediately that it lacked the production value and some of the feel of mainstream movies… some inherent lameness they could not hide. Now you can’t tell the difference right of the bat (minus the content).

    Obviously I’m not saying we can be so easily fooled, but it just reminds me of some kind of tongue-in-cheek irony-satire commercial you might see in Robocop movie… but not a comment of social violence or greed, some fucktared utopian christian theme. Its like a movie trailer from some American Taliban future – truly nightmare-ish.

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    I knew you’d like this one. It’s so opposite to reality one would think it’s satire until they look up IMDB.

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    Is this a REAL MOVIE?!?! Hahahah

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    Blimey, I real hope this flops.

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    oh no, Its even got that “real life” element the religious families will see as happening in their neighborhood. Which of course goes along with their foolish mentality that there is a war against religion. Christians love feeling like they’re under attack. I’m sure this will start to build momentum but i really hope im wrong.

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    It’s as if a bunch of right wing christian fundamentalist fucks got together, and bukkaked a movie reel. This is the disgusting and messy result. Sometimes I really hate my fellow countrymen. This trailer should serve as a reminder to all of us – regardless of origin – to fight for secular values. If there is one thing the sectarian populace is good at, it is revisionist history.

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    I’d bet a Benjamin (if I had that kind of money) that the “Grinch” character finds his love for Christmas and, somehow, Christ.

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    J.N. Hudson

    Oh joy… More fundie propaganda pushing the inane and tired sterotype that atheists are simply people who are angry with god or with christianty for some equally idiotic reason. Not only do they seem to think that they have some kind of monopoly on late december holidays, but they cannot even be bothered to look into the decidedly pagan origins of their on holiday. Hell, their own bloody holy book instructs them not to decorate a tree as the pagans do, but I guess that would have required actually reading the damn book in the first place.

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    This looks fucking hilarious! I am totally going to rent it.

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