The Good Atheist Podcast: Episode 105

We’re back, and this week we have a HUGE episode for you! Not only is this a fan-driven mailbag episode, but I also sit down with Atheist Alliance International president Stuart Bechman to talk about the upcoming conference in Montreal this October. It’s over 2 hours of fun, so don’t miss out!

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    Anonymous Atheist

    Here’s some tips on how to do a middle-eastern accent! ;)

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    Good show, but I need to point out that it is not true that Muslims don’t speak out against terrorism.

    Here is a good article that disputes that myth:

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    Great show;

    The interviews need to contiue, it was a very good listen

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    Great article, Bob, except for the Abraham bit.

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    Wow very long episode I had to divide this in half just due to the length. I like Brendons idea if you could get some of those characters and have them talk on it I think that would be quite entertaining if you could make voices for the Easter Bunny, Jesus, Mosses, and many others I think that would be a funny skit like the “ask god” Maybe an ask Muhhamad would be funny ask him what he thinks of the mosque and why isn’t he aloud to be seen.

    The interview was very informative I liked it a lot and hope to listen to many others. Learned a lot from you guys as always very great pod cast keep up the good work Jake

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    Great interview. I really appreciate the dynamics between you and the guest. Any chance you’ll let us know what kind of material you’re preparing for the conference? More importantly, are you permitted to swear?

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