So close, yet so far away…

Can you imagine being so right and still reaching the wrong conclusion? He’s absolutely correct in pointing out the fact Heaven and Hell (and religion) is merely a social construct made to control people. So if he gets it, why the hell does he still choose to believe in God? Why can he not see the concept itself as the construct, and not merely the institutions built around this idea? If he also felt churches keep people in a child-like state, why was he part of this tradition if it keeps mankind from growing up? And why am I so fucking mad right now?!

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    Sounds like I could copy and paste my last post right here, and it would be the 90% solution as far as a response is concerned. HAR!

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    Kevin V

    I actually feel bad for this man……and now I don’t. Just sounds like someone has been hitting the mushrooms

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    Of course this man “gets it.” He is the one who controls others. He has power, understands the source of the power, and – like many other humans – will do whatever it takes to maintain that power.

    Priests and ministers have the same instincts as any of us.

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    joe botelho

    i think Daniel Dennet is writing a book about faith less priests

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