Alright guys, it’s time for another Mailbag episode of the Good Atheist Podcast. If you’ve got some burning questions you’ve always wanted answered, then be sure to leave them in the comments. We’ll try to answer as many as we can!

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    Now that god was on your show, is there a way you could interview Muhammad? :D

    Now to serious questions:

    It is clear that religion is going to lose the war in the end, I wonder what do you think will be last harm religion does to society? Do you think if religious people became minority, they would become increasingly more radical? Will the final days of religion gonna be bloody?

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    Two questions:

    1) What do you think about this Koran burning event? It has apparently been called off, but still I would like to know.

    2) Jake, you have talked before that you used to be into conspiracy theories, there seems to be a lot of overlap between conspiracy theory people and the end time christian rapture cults. Both groups seem really into the Bilderbergs, and New World Order, with some christian pastors saying these groups herald the coming of the antichrist. Why such similarities?

    see link below for an example of question 2:

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    Nic whip dip

    Dear Gawd,

    Why do you hate women? I myself, not being a misogynistic bastard, have over come this century old problem (its still a problem, just less of one) in society. Please, put my confusion to an end!

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    Do you think the high rate of religiosity in the US is linked to its high rate of scriptural illiteracy? Or to put it simply, why is it people who seem to know so little believe so much?

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    Three topics I’d love to hear you talk about.
    1 Koran burning, for or against.
    2 westboro church going ahead with Koran burning even after the dove center called it off. Think their publicty stunt will get people killed?
    3 the chick who wants to wear her hijab onstage at Disneyland. The job allows her to wear it backstage, but she demands she be given special treatment in breaking a rule she agreed to when she was hired.


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    J. N. Hudson

    Is it just me or does it seem more and more that fundamentalist christians in the US, especially the so-called “religious right” are more concerned with partisan politics and it’s demagouges than they are with the religious ideals that they claim to represent? It seems, in my experience at least, that many of them have have cast aside any actual religious ideals in favor of the Republican political agenda.

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    Jake Farr-Wharton

    Hi Guys,

    The Jesus Saves shirts arrived this week and I wore it on public transport… no conversations sparked as yet, but I remain hopeful.

    Question: In you opinion, does scientific discovery/empiricism require belief? (i.e. or understanding/acceptance)

    Question 2: Are your circle of friends as argumentative as you, or are they submissive and constantly afraid of raising any topic in fear of inspiring a “Jake-Rant”? I ask this because I’m paranoid of this.

    Thanks from The Imaginary Friends Show Podcast and Jake Farr-Wharton.

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    1. By the sounds of it, you both have had a fairly easy, confident time being atheists (hope im not off base; if i am off base no offense intended). Share with us the most awkward time you’ve encountered when one or multiple religious folks really surrounded you or put you out for your non-belief and how did you survive.

    2. There is a christian science church i pass on my way to work which i’d like to drop in and see what they’re all about sometime; are you knowledgable about their beliefs or dogma? if so, expand and discuss a little bit as i dont think i’ve heard you speak of them.

    also, do you have plans to expand on the “Jesus Saves” line of merch? like Jesus at a bank, using a piggy bank, or any other unique puns? or maybe other such ambiguous sacrilegious quotes?

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    So you’ve travelled back in time 2000 ish years ago and run into Jesus. Hey he exists and has a bit of a following with some of his crazy ideas about peace and love. What would you say to him?

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    Who got off easier Jesus being crucified or Vladimir Matyushenko being crucified by Jon “Bones” Jones @ Versus 2? If you think Jesus got off easier would he have been able to take what Jon Jones was dishing out?

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    Vijay Kishore

    Why there is much disparity in your just world? Like why some people are poor, some are rich, and some are super rich? Is there some higher meaning to it?

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    Hello from another montrealais!

    Do you have any clever lines/comebacks that you proudly used or die to use someday?

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    Are Jews actually considered a race?

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    Will the site re-design include a forum? (please?)

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    NERD FAIL ALERT: episode 61: During the discussion of Glenn Beck driving his Dalorian and getting pulled over, Ryan unleashed the inaccurate quip ” what was he driving 87mph?!” FYI its 88mph. MORE RESEARCH!!! just jokes. Good show though.

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    There seems to be some confusion as to whether this is an Ask God or ask Jacob (not that there’s much difference between the two). Anyways, my question for Jacob is:

    How do you respond to the criticism that if you’re an atheist than you don’t really love your wife or kids. As one Catholic put it to me, “it’s not love at all, but a biological gene that causes you to favor one person over another. You really don’t love your wife or children, but are compelled to favor them so as to propel your genetic heritage forward. To suggest it is something more is not based in scientific evidence, and therefore is dubious indeed. You should no more believe in “love” than the spaghetti monster under your bed. We are globs of cells and nothing more. That we have “feelings” are merely evolutionary devices to give us advantages over others who feel less. But be careful. Love-responses cause people to do irrational things, like lay down on a cross for others.”

    Personally, I think what this Catholic saying is just stupid — but how do I explain that to him in a little more sophisticated way?

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    Who confuses you more – pick any of the religions

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    I would appreciate a debate between dogmatic/religious figures posing questions to one another with either Jacob, Ryan or Jeff mediating between the participants using possible featured questions.

    Suggestions? Jesus, God, Muhammad, Allah, Lord Xenu, Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, etc.

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    Do you guys believe in ghosts?

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    joe botelho

    I have recenlty meet a jesus loving gay man. He is openly gay and still loves him the jesus. Just wondering if this is common in the gay community to be follower of any religon? Perplexed becuase EVERY religon is anti gay.

    Loving you long time
    Joey Botelho

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    @joe botelho — wasn’t Jesus gay?

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    Joe Botelho

    HappyHeretic you must listen to the Dean Blundell show they had a great gay jesus bit last week. It’s on there podcast.

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    what do you think about the idea of an atheist militant group? Do you think violence can be justified if it removes religion, which has killed hundrends of thousands over the years from society?

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