Irony, thy name is religion

IndoctriNation Trailer from IndoctriNation on Vimeo.

So let me get this straight: this movie is claiming secular institutions are “indoctrinating” young people through the process of NOT forcing them to participate in mandatory religious service…Yeah, sounds like the proper definition there. Also according to some of these nutjobs, the “Fear of God” is what leads ultimately to wisdom. In other words, if you fear burning in Hell for eternity, you’re supposedly going to be a better person for constantly worrying about the threat of eternal damnation. Oh religion, will you ever stop being so fucking wacky?

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    I would like to watch that documentary but I know I will have a very hard time finishing it. I would struggle through watching it not because it would be like taking machine gun fire from weapons loaded with idiotic statements; but because I know that there is a significant portion of my countrymen/women who would nod their heads in agreement to the content. That drives me in-fucking-sane. It’s pretty much the same reason I have tried to read the bible, but could not because it agravates me that anybody would take that bullshit seriously.

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    I don’t have the words to describe this crap anymore.

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    These guys need to step outside thmselves and try watching this trailer as a normal person would, and they would see what they are arguing in favor of is no different than a madrassa.

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    Notice it’s a bunch of old white men.

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    The fear of whoever (Elohim Allah etc) is the beginning of wisdom

    What a perfect definition of Christianity and its system based entirely on manipulation – absolutely no assertiveness allowed

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    Stuff like this makes me mad. I don’t even know how to respond to it.

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    Zombie Jesus

    Note that on their title screen, the most prominent words–as with anything coming out of the US–are IN AMERICA, which seems to get the Americans’ attention more than the decline of Christianity.

    As for the fear of God, the Bible utilizes the archaic version of the word, which meant awe or reverence. This is the more sensible definition considering the phrase occurs within the Old Testament before the mention of Hell. My query is whether people today use the phrase in the intended context, which in and of itself is deeply stupid, or if it has actually been convoluted to the Christian control mechanism of the horrors of non-belief (in their denomination). Based on the context the term is usually placed in, I could only surmise it would usually be the latter.

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    joe botelho

    there’s a brother at the end but ya it’s alot of old white men.

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    They’re highly religious christians who want RID of indoctrination? WTF? Christians LOVE indoctrination! I know first-hand the shit they shovel into children’s brains.

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    Jacob, I know you’re busy, but PLEASE tell me you’re going to watch this shite so I don’t have to? Pretty please? Well, as it looks to be another fine documentary produced undoubtedly by the same ilk who shot “Expelled,” how can I resist it? Now, I just hope I have enough weed to make it bearable; good thing I live in BC.

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