TGA Podcast: Episode 104

This week, Ryan and I talk about the whole controversy surrounding the Ground Zero Mosque, and why it sends Ryan into states of mild depression, and we’ll also get God to answer all your questions. Yep, he took a little break from watching babies starve to death to provide the answers to your inane questions. Isn’t that grand?

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    I just wanted to thank God for taking time out of his hectic schedule to answer our trivial questions.

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    HAHAHAH Bieber fever = Bieber plague of death? HAHA!!! Best. Impregnate us with his devil seed? Sign me up!

    I almost never listen to podcasts but this was frickin’ awesome LOL

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    Roxanne R

    Dear God, so how long will it take to get that cute atheist boy into hell to see me?

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    I’ve been waiting for awhile for you guys to do a topic on this, I live on long island and since school has been starting again I’ve been waking up early and my parents have the news on and even from watching/listening to the evening news hearing that it’s a constantly going on like every day I would hear something about it and just see the protests and all the insanity. My mom accually at dinner wanted us to talk about this and it was pretty uncomfortable. Me being atheist the same as your opinion nooooo don’t build any more religous places of worship I didn’t say that causing a whole different arguement. I just said yes they can we have the right to build it. Any way my dad said no its insensitive and would be a joke to the people of 9-11 and who died there.
    The ask god skit is always great and hope you keep continue doing that it is always histerical.

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