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TGA is going through a lot of changes, and in preperation of this, we want to ask you a bunch of questions concerning the site. Today, I want to know if you think 20 bucks a year is a fair price to charge for membership. Is is too much or too little? Be sure to let us know what you think!

Is 20 dollars a fair price for yearly membership?

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    I couldn’t be happier with the show! It’s informative and not too much up it’s own ass. I really, really enjoy it. Just the right about of fun and seriousness. Rock out with your cocks out.

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    If there were a bonus show every week like you guys say there would be I would have no problem paying the $20 for this or Fightlinker, but the bonus shows are very spotty and inconsistent. Fightlinker being the bigger culprit of the two. I might be more up for a package or something.

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    What Bryce said! I’m very happy with the show and I think the current price is great. I think it’s good you give the option to pay more for those who want to, though.

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    VanCity Skeptic (formerly Angry Atheist Geek)

    I think $20 seems reasonable for a yearly membership to just about anything… I can’t go by the fact that -I- personally can’t afford it right now, sadly ;) haha

    Though I do see what Lunchbox is getting at above at the same time. A more consistent product for what people are paying for might be something to consider, though I dont’ think “every week” is a necessity. But knowing a more precise time-line of when bonus shows intend to be available (regardless if that is once a week, once every 2 weeks, once a month, etc.) seems reasonable.

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    Depending on how your upgrade system works, five bucks per quarter might be easier for people to stomach.

    Five bucks is a no brainer purchase. You should try it.

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    $20 is reasonable given how spotty the show schedule is. I know its summer and all, but between FL, TGA, and AWIM, I’ve found myself without new podcasts at the gym… which is kind of shocking, given that should be 5 shows a week…

    I’ve sent you feedback before about how I’d like to see the TGA move away from religion bashing and on to general humanist/morality topics. If I got a more diverse and consistent product, I might consider paying more.

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    My vote would fall somewhere between just right and too much.

    For the amount of content produced, $20/year is absolutely reasonable and i am happy to try and support content i enjoy.

    There are 2 things i’d like to see;

    1) More fan involvement, granted this has been improved a lot in the last few weeks (with the ask god, fav bible versus’ and mailbag shows). It would be nice to see more involvement, whether that be more frequent shows like the ones i just mentioned, or answering a couple of questions at the end of shows, etc.

    2) I’d also really like to see a forum on the site. The comment section just doesn’t cut it when it comes to wanting to actually talk about something. Granted having never run a website with a forum i don’t know how much work it would entail to implement, but i think it would be great for building a community and would help with fan involvement.

    I sort of agree with Lunchbox about consistency in that i’d like to see more consistency (both in length (ranges from 20-90 minutes/show) and delivery time). It isn’t a huge deal, but it’s something i’d like to see, mainly because i’ve become accustomed to it. I listen to quite a few podcasts and all of them are very consistent in their release schedule. When you grow used to that it’s really noticeable when a show is lacking in that department.

    Despite my minor complaints, over the last several weeks i think the shows (bonus and regular) have improved quite a lot, it seems like you really got re-motivated and it’s great to see, keep it up!

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    If you could do a 30 bucks a year for both, that would be sweet.

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    If you guys were to keep to a schedule (One free show + one bonus show a week) minus your two week vacation as you claim to need yearly I’d have no problem paying even $50 a year. That is really my one and only gripe with TGA, you never keep to a schedule. You guys announce one, keep to it for a week or two, then miss a few shows and you’re back to random uploads. Then you announce another schedule and the cycle repeats. Stick to 50 bonus episodes a year, a set day every week with two weeks off and I’ll gladly pay you guys whatever you ask. As it stands though, I’m hesitant to pay more if the randomness is to continue.

    If you do manage to stick to a schedule though, I think $30-$50 a year is not unthinkable. A buck an episode doesn’t seem like an unfair deal.

    PS: My membership is about to expire, I think, so get this stuff sorted out so I know how much the crack is going to cost me.

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    I think you could sell if for $24.95 a month, a healthy increase for you that probably won’t deter people from signing up.

    The 95c for some reason makes me think that the cost is less than it is :)

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    I have been listening since episode 1 and happily became a patron shortly after you started your membership service. I have since not renewed.

    1) The lack of consistency was disappointing. If you want to run this like a business, you should treat it like one and not miss any shows. Emergencies and unforeseeable circumstances are understandable, of course.

    2) More fan interaction would be awesome. I feel other shows/podcasts that have listeners call in have a huge advantage over you (not to mention shows like The Atheist Experience are FREE). How about Blog TV sessions, Skype, or even just more mailbag? I want to hear some debate–not just Ryan/Jeffrey playing devil’s advocate!

    3) Your show is very entertaining, but at times the tangents and off-topic talk is very annoying, especially when you draw my interest in the the original topic. I know you have tried this, but a more structured, sectional approach would be nice. I understand you don’t want to be a news show, but more substance to go along with the comedy would be great.

    Please consider these things and I will happily pay you $20 again. Possibly more.

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    I was going to to give you guys 5 bucks the other day because i like the show, but then i found out that 20 was the minimum.
    Well, that is too much for a student.
    You know, there are many podcasts that ask their listeners for ten bucks here 5 bucks there. And it adds up quickly.
    20 definitely sets the bar too high and i bet that it discourages people who otherwise would be willing to contribute.

    So in the end you got zero from me.

    You should try a system like the one Leo Laporte uses.
    Listeners can tip Leo any amount they like and also can sign up for recurring monthly payment.

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    Ahmed Benissad

    You were saying not too long ago about how the UK (London) was your largest place of listenership, could there be an option where the ‘boundary’ of thinking about the dollar price is removed by giving us UK limeys the option of paying in Pounds sterling?

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    I have some feedback on the podcast in general: Get a new host.

    Seriously though, I suggest a weekly mailbag. Just one fan question a week. Does that sound reasonable?

    Oh and that bible reading thing was hilarious, I suggest that as a regular thing to do at least until you run out of holy books, then you can do it for modern books endorsing religion.

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    I love the show just the way it is. $20 a year is really kinda cheap considering most people are willing to subscribe to services that charge way more per month. More audience participation (call ins, mail bags, etc.) would be great. And please don’t change to a more structured, sectional format; the conversational, off-the-cuff style of your show is what I enjoy and why I only listen to yours instead of other podcasts.

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    Maybe a student price, and a regular price? I’d be happy to pay more so you could make a living doing this… perhaps a premium level that includes full atheist body rubs with a happy finish?

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    Thomas Mason

    Is it possible to move to a pay per episode format? At least then schedule inconsistency becomes just a minor irritation and no one feels cheated out of their money, even though the cost is very low anyway

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    Perfectness. Really, i’m happy to pay even though i don’t have much money myself. I know you guys are in a bad money sitch so i’m happy to do my little bit to help.

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    I subscribe at 5$ a month and find it easiest way to donate to this and a couple other podcasts. My only small complaint would be the inconsistancy of the podcasts. On the flip side, it does make for a pleasant surprise when one pops up when I wasn’t expecting it.

    More updates on the blog would be nice but you work full time so it’s understanble when you can’t write more often. Maybe Jeff Jones can update some more.

    You’ve mentioned before that you don’t want to rely on advertising and to make this site a truly independant, subsciption driven enterprise, but maybe it’s time to bite the bullet and place a few google ads on the side. Using Pharyngula as a model, the ads on PZ’s site pay him per view, we don’t even have to click on them and he makes money. PLUS as an added bonus, they’re mostly Religious ads so Christian companies are funding his athiest blog.

    I like what you’re doing Jacob. Keep it up.

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    jaeger cormack

    I like the idea of a premium level where we pay for a bonus bonus show. But this really puts Jacob to work, I think thats what listeners want is to pay him to overwork himself saying what he thinks then what he really thinks then what he really really thinks. You need to be superman to sell to all these crack fiends.

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    I don’t think of my membership as buying a product. I see it as supporting someone who is trying to change the world into something that he want’s it to be… which is also what I want it to be.

    If I had the opportunity, I would give a monthly donation. I think a lot of people would be willing to give $5 or $10 per month, if it was easy to do.

    Go with the ads, very few people find them offensive.

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    Your freemium business model is incredibly flawed, along with your character. The vanity is ostensibly the absolute priority, yet means nothing without content, or humility. Your continual excuses for lack of motivation or inspiration is rubbish, inspiration comes when least expected. You released 23 shows so far this year, a long shot off the one a week structure. Whilst you cater to a hardcore audience along with your MMA site, you will continually fail to capture a wider audience with such sloven work ethic. Capitulate to reality and change your delusional “each human is equal to freedom” when in actuality not each has the same opportunity. Go free, or go away, you money grubbing Elitatheists.

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    Well, these are the things that people are saying that I can get behind:

    $20.00 (and possibly more) per year is a reasonable amount for what amounts to more or less weekly Bonus show (taking into account some time off, emergencies, bla, bla).

    A key element is consistency. I don’t think a rigorous schedule is needed, but some sense of a regular ‘window’ and lose pattern may build listeners’ confidence that you’re churning things out for us patrons. (Dance Jacob, Dance! Ha ha.) Your $20 product will be worth more with that confidence in place.

    Continue to experiment and make improvements. The bits are great… Ask God, etc. I agree 100% that your informal and spontaneous conversations are the big draw and no need to overlay a stifling format, but a simple one isn’t bad idea. The modest increase in fan involvement like mailbag, etc. helps a lot. You may try some of that on each show, even if its just a little at the end.

    I’m glad someone mentioned Jeff Jones. I love Jeff (and the threesomes) and encourage his participation if it improves your creativity and productivity.
    Also, I love your flawed character… :)
    So, when’s the next show?.

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    Oh, and seemless iTunes syncing for both the regular and bonus shows would be great…. streaming them over 3G from the confines of a gym is a real pain

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    And I echo that Jeff rocks

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    I agree that shorter, cheaper subscriptions would be an improvement overall. My input is to ask for $10 every three months. It’s easier to handle on the user end, though not Jake’s (I owe you $20, thanks for neglecting to notice). Anyway, four payments of ten would double your money coming in for now, but won’t seem like a huge hike. Five bucks a month would triple the income, but it might seem like a jump for those who can do math.

    I agree that Jeff is awesome, but that may be the “single” talking.

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    Jacob Fortin

    Ryan, can you message me to clarify what you mean? I hve iTunes feeds for both the podcasts…

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