TGA Podcast: Episode 103 1/2

A few days ago, I was revisited by some Jehovah’s Witnesses, and on this week’s episode, I talk about this experience, and we’ll also be talking a lot about life, death, and nihilism thanks to a great question by a supporting patron.

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    how long will it be until you turn this place into your own scientology-like cult?

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    I got visited by some female J witnesses a couple of months back. Mine quoted from 1 Timothy, the same letter that has “Paul” saying that women aren’t to have authority over men. They didn’t love that passage when I brought it up.

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    Good episode.

    Jake, you have most likely been officially recorded by your visitors as a regular target if you have not expressly asked them not to call again. Your visitors will log the time they’ve spent talking to you when submitting their ministry reports (yes, really).

    JW’s may use two powerful dogmas in cambatting your arguments. The first is “waiting on Jehovah” to provide answers, and could literally take an eternity. The second is that you may be “satan appearing as an angel of light” – both are impervious to logic I’m afraid.

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